The incredible benefits of sole

For coming up a year now, I’ve been drinking a glass of sole in the mornings to start off my day and I wouldn’t be without it. Seems no coincidence to me that sol(e) = sun; after all, we are all of the sun and sol is a very near-match to the exact mineral balance that we inherently are – so it’s a perfect fit, a veritable elixir!

So what is sole (pronounced solay)? A solution of Himalayan salt in water, sole contains over 84 minerals in almost exact match to those required by our own body. To make it, the water is fully saturated with the salt to the point that it can literally take no more in; this solution can then be diluted with more water, to taste, as an invaluable daily mineral drink.

saltIndeed, Himalayan salt is said to be the most complete salt on Earth, having begun life as a primal ocean and then undergone extreme pressure to form the Himalayan mountains, resulting in a unique crystalline structure. The 84 minerals and trace elements that is contains are said to be in minute colloidal size particles that can be most easily absorbed and metabolised whilst already being in unique sync with each other due to the crystalline structure of the salt. The unique electrical vibration of these minerals seems to serve by ‘switching on’ the corresponding electrical component in the human body

The many benefits of sole include:

  • Helps with hydration by providing electrolytes; especially useful after exercise or a sauna and when using our brains for study and at times requiring mental-alertness but we should make sure to rehydrate property every day.
  • Assists the detoxification process and acts as a natural anti-bacterial.
  • Aids digestion by cleansing the stomach, promoting food absorption and stimulating the natural stomach processes, also addressed acid reflux. Best on an empty stomach, I like mine at the very start of the day, right before breakfast.
  • Boosts energy due to all the essential minerals; brilliant before activity.
  • A big help with muscle cramps (great for fibromyalgia aches and leg-cramps, also for headaches).
  • A natural form of antihistamine – it just seems to be that way!
  • Natural osteoporosis preventative by restoring mineral balance so that the body doesn’t need to steal calcium from the bones.
  • Naturally pH balancing – with all the multiple health benefits of that.
  • Can assist in rebalancing blood pressure – not what people expect to hear about salt but there are many reports of this occurring (remember, this salt is not the same as table salt!) and also said to help with heart palpitations.
  • Can be used, diluted, as a nasal spray, throat gargle, antiseptic spray, wound soak and so on due to the multiple health benefits of the salt.
  • Fantastic mineral bath soak for aches, skin conditions and as a rebalancing agent; and so easy to use when adding sole solution to your running water rather than crystals.
  • Great all-round boost for skin, hair and all the cells and organs of the body.

In fact, on that last point, a study by Dr Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira confirmed, in a nine week study, that there were positive changes to respiratory, circulatory, organ, connective tissue and nervous system functions, improved quality of sleep, energy and concentration, brain activity, weight loss, consciousness and increased hair and nail growth from drinking sole (“Water and Salt: The Essence of Life – The Healing Power of Nature” – Hendel and Ferreira). In my own case, it feels like it reduces brain-fog and muscle pain and makes for an all-round better day in so many hard to pin-point ways – probably far too numerous to isolate.

How to make sole

Using a glass jar with a non-metal lid, tip one or two cups of Himalayan pink salt into the bottom and add mineral water to about an inch from the top. Seal the lid and shake gently then leave overnight as the salt starts to dissolve. The following day, check to see if there are any salt crystals left – if so, the water is full saturated. If not, add more salt – and keep doing so, daily, until all the salt is absorbed.

To make the mineral drink, add one or two teaspoons (using a non-metalic spoon) to a glass of water, to taste, and drink on an empty stomach. Gauge the amount you take by any reactions – it should be pleasant to drink and not cause any headaches (which is a typical detox reaction). Personally, I love the taste and find I often crave it, especially when dehydrated.

The solution will last indefinitely, at room temperature, simply adding more water and salt as it needs replenishing. Enjoy!


Water and Salt: The Essence of Life – The Healing Power of Nature – Barbara Hendel & Peter Ferreira

**Update 2018: I no longer drink sole on a regular basis though sometimes I am instinctively called to it. As with all things, its best to evaluate how the supplement or food is serving you and listen to your body. At some point, mine invited me to pull back from this daily practice and I listened…but I always keep some in my house in case. **


This blog pro­vides gen­eral infor­ma­tion and dis­cus­sion about med­i­cine, health and related sub­jects. The words and other con­tent pro­vided in this blog, and in any linked mate­ri­als, are not intended and should not be con­strued as med­ical advice. If the reader or any other per­son has a med­ical con­cern or questions relating to the suitability of treatments referred to, to meet their particular needs, especially if pregnant etc., they should seek professional medical advice.


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