Scrambled into clarity

The sun is having one of her moments again…a G4 geomagnetic storm yesterday and predicted again, possibly to G5 level, today following a number of very strong flares and earth-directed CMEs. At these times, I’ve notice in myself, and in conversation with others, that some of these challenges might crop up in your daily experience….but then, read on, there’s such incredible opportunity tucked away in all of it.

You may feel triggered, weepy, fiery, even uncharacteristically angry or plain out-of-sorts.

You may feel hungrier than usual, with sudden urges for food you haven’t craved for a very long time; or even off your food, slightly nauseous or wanting to eat very lightly and drink much more water.

Your brain may feel completely scrambled, your priorities like quick-sand, your logic off-par; you might be more forgetful than usual or plain scatty and struggling to make decisions about even the most everyday things. Disorientation, bumping into things, dropping them, forgetting where you were going or what you were saying – all classic effects of the geomagnetic stir-up.

Other things I’ve noticed include no longer liking your clothes or your music, feeling all at sea with things you thought defined you only now you suddenly feel completely ambivalent about them or dislike them altogether. You may feel like you want to have a major clear-out, to thin your wardrobe, to try completely new things, to refresh your preferences, be with different people – leaving you thinking ‘I don’t know who I am anymore, I’ve completely changed overnight’.

Undesirable things coming up out of nowhere might include old memories, behaviour-patterns, preoccupations, niggles and worries that seem to want to be heard after a very long time of being quiet. You might feel more paranoid than usual…worrying about what you’ve said to whom and whether they took it the right way, wondering why someone isn’t replying to you, assuming the worst before looking for a simpler explanation.

Your body might feel like its undergoing a detox including skin breaking out, deep thirst, sweating and heat, headaches or a general toxic-feeling like you are purging something (you probably are). You might find yourself having a bad hair day or waking up looking like you’ve been plugged in to the electricity socket!

If you allow yourself to zoom out to the bigger picture, you start to realise all these things have a theme in common and that they are like some sort of challenge, a gauntlet thrown down to either break out of any remaining stuck patterns from ‘the past’ or to commit more fully to the new-improved-you that you’ve been evolving into lately. Its like the very trip wires that come up are daring you to choose to go a different way and to be wholehearted about it; like they’re saying ‘come on, make yourself the way you really want to be now and let go of everything that no longer fits, anything at all that holds you back’. Like a hot air balloon taking off to the skies, you are throwing all your surplus ballast overboard ready for the flight of your life.

photo-1429000263672-1b8b4008d2f7When you feel like this, I find the best antidote of all is this: know that you don’t have to ‘do’ anything…and the less you ‘do’ the better; rather, observe and make space for things to unfold. Then, picture your sides are all slippery, like you’ve doused yourself in oil…that is, don’t let any of these old reactions stick;choose not to develop the thought patterns but let them pass through with no more than a vague sense of curiosity as you clock them sailing by. Smile at your own paranoia, your worst-case scenario-ing and love the you that used to run with these thoughts so readily – but no more. When something feels hard, try stepping the easier way and see where this leads you along the newer pathway. Follow your gut instincts, not that old inner-voice; go readily with the heart. Keep it all simple, allow the relief of not developing a ‘problem’ to wash over you and smile at a day just made a thousand times simpler without the effort of doing anything at all. If the old patterns you seem to be breaking out of all at once disconcert you then, like the old saying goes, know you can’t make omelette without breaking open a few eggs (and applying heat) so allow this process to unfold as the rebirthing process that it is. I’m going to say that one again because its so important across the board of everything I’m advocating here – whatever comes up, and without analysis or judgement, just allow, allow, allow...

On the subject of eggs (and, interestingly, I often crave them with such a passion during a solar flare), if hunger-urges are coming over you, listen to and trust your body’s crying need for more fuel as it, very-well, might need a metabolic super-boost during a powerful solar event. After all, a great deal is being asked of your body as it strives to hold all its day-to-day processes steady at the very same time as its core cellular structure is being tweaked and a whole host of all-new neural pathways are being created so listen closely to its demands as your body knows best what building blocks it needs for all this. This includes allowing some of those left-field cravings to happen, within reason, or take time to delve below the surface to discover the root of the urge (for instance, an unusual craving for sweets might be a glucose imbalance, an urge for salty crisps a mineral deficiency so reach for the most stabilising, body-supporting alternatives to redress these things). If you really want second-breakfast during these times, just go with it – I just did!

If its physical triggering going on – exhaustion, flu aches, break-outs – do what you can to make your life easier and take time out for power naps (they’re called that for a good reason) and make time for yoga or meditation but also try running with the energies a little if it feels instinctive to do so. That is, rather than being afraid of being swept off your feet by them, see how they can lift you up to surf on the crest of their wave during these times (dancing, laughing, running or walking briskly and creative pursuits can be especially exhilarating at these times…and yoga or meditation can be oh-so powerful). Take epsom salt or clay baths, listen to uplifting music, make time for leisurely skin- and body-care practices, surround yourself with relaxing aroma.

Finally, remember to ground yourself  – this is BIG energy coming in and we are like lightning masts when it happens so bring the energy through you in the most constructive, least damaging, way you can muster – as above – and then make sure to connect barefoot with the earth for a few minutes a day, to be outside in Nature and to sit next to water (whether serene lake or flowing river), to do ordinary human things like hug and laugh and watch your kids playing, to spend time amongst people in everyday interaction that bring out the best in both you and them. Then, with all of your cells and the deep knowing that all is well, smile – you’re being upgraded!


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