Own it

Empowering thought for the day: sometimes – let’s face it – what is going on for you can feel horrible, dark, all encompassing, like drowning in a bottomless well with greasy sides. However, heres the thing; in a very real sense, everything you experience is just your own particular perspective on what it means to be alive, the monster creation of a zillion thought-processes, decades of contact with other people’s belief systems, the amalgamated outcome of every turn in the road that you ever made and the whole jumbled mix of everything that ever happened to you, putting you right where you seemingly are in this moment.

In other words, if you are not playing victim to some sort of authority or ‘outside’ malevolent force that is making this ‘happen’ to you then, in a completely non-judgemental way (as this is nothing to do with blame), you need to own it as yours. This is super empowering because it means that, if you don’t like it, you can change it, YOU hold the key, you’re no longer beholden to anything outside of yourself or waiting for the rescue mission to arrive. It is a complete game-changer in any recovery plan.

photo-1444703686981-a3abbc4d4fe3If you blame whatever it is on something outside your control, you remain a helpless victim of circumstance and any progress can be whipped off you as quickly as it happened, so owning it is the only permanent, definitive, truly viable solution of any worth or substance to you and is a quantum leap in recovery. Just entering into this mindset can propel you light years from where you were before you entertained that realisation. Suddenly, once you open that door to the dawning light of realisation, not only do easy solutions start to present themselves to you but you find you hardly need the majority of them anymore as everything can feel quite different, like you dreamt half of the problem in the first place. The whole landscape of recovery looks different in the early morning glow of such a quantum shift, all limitations are removed, fear has no place to reside as you are master of your own circumstances and this applies to any circumstance, not just chronic illness. No need to analyse it, don’t expect to put this expansion through the paces of close logical scrutiny, demanding the hard and scientific answers that eluded you yesterday but flow with the knowing of it; the whole universe of wonderful new feelings sparkling through your body are its affirmative.

2 thoughts on “Own it

  1. Spookily enough I came to the same conclusion whilst ruminating in bed this morning! So the challenge is to actualise in our lives what we deliberately choose rather than wondering why the same things keep appearing because we are unconsciously drawing them to us. Good hunting x

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