Recovery is organic

The process of recovering good health is personal and organic. Not fixed. Not a case of selecting this route or that route and sticking to it like glue. Not anyone else’s route, certainly not one size fits all. Be prepared to try different things and then, just as easily, drop them or come back to them later. You might think this is not a very scientific way of tackling any health challenges that you have – good! Science really struggles when it comes to organic ailments, chronic health issues, the kind of multi-faceted malaise that is not overtly ’caused’ by one thing or another but a myriad of different things so, in response to that, its a case of trying a multi-faceted selection of whatever resonates…but only for as long as it does, without becoming regimented or religious about it. Last year’s (or even last month’s) recovery plan might look very different to what you are trying now but, rather than beating yourself up for changing your mind like the wind, don’t you see how, in their way, all the approaches you have ever tried were perfect at the time?

RoadFrom this unlimited perspective, you can start to see how its ALL been perfect, even your health-crash itself, as its been a journey of personal growth from which you’ve learned such a lot, remodelled your lifestyle beyond recognition, orchestrated your own biggest evolution and taught yourself how to allow that you are right in each single moment of intuition, even (or especially) if that moment of focus is open to complete reinvention in the very next second. Like a tiny shoot heading for the light, you recalibrate in each moment of growth until, suddenly, you don’t even know how you got to be so strong and you are, quite simply, flourishing. And if, for a moment, you aren’t…you just recalibrate again!

None of what you have learned or tried, even for a second, is a waste; each and every trial or most left-field experiment has stashed away something useful for the future. Even when you completely move on from one approach to another, its always useful to keep that earlier approach in reserve  and be prepared to reconsider it again, should it ever resurface. Maybe this time whatever it is will come into its own, in conjunction with other improvements you’ve made, as sometimes the first dip into an approach is just a dress-rehearsal for the main event. In the end, you look back with such awe and appreciation at all the self-knowledge and happy coincidences you have gathered and encountered as you trial-and-errored your way back to good health, seeing the perfection of how everything you considered useful or interesting, even for a fleeting moment, was like a seed that would come to fruition when the conditions were just right. This open-door approach means you are never afraid to put something down, knowing as you do that you can come back to it later and that nothing is ever lost or wasted.

Keeping this kind of fluidity in your approach to experience is such a gift, in every aspect of life. Once adopted, you never again become locked-in or pinned-down by a belief system that says ‘this is the only way forwards so stick to it for your very salvation’; your best life-choices  never become burdened with all the trappings of being required to ‘save you’ from anything; you never become identified with this route or that route to the point of losing touch with why you chose it in the first place; you never put defending your choices and saving face with others above the actual worth of your actions. Rather, over time, you amass a huge collection of weird and wonderful tools in the workshop of life, left conveniently at arms reach, so that you get to create and fine tune your own best state in every moment, adapting to new circumstance with an expertise that only ever comes with a preparedness to self-experiment and take risks. You never miss opportunity just because you don’t want to look stupid or do something that others aren’t doing yet. You are never limited by the glass-ceiling of what has only ever been tried before, which means a whole new level of recovery is actually a very real potential for you since you are prepared to venture into all-new pastures. The sheer scope of the potential that opens up for you is way vaster than anything to do with ‘recovery’ as you are learning to play with creation at the root level, feeding the good-nutrients of your experience into the soil at the stage where new experience is first birthed into form, which is the ultimate in organic living.

One of the biggest things of all is that you are prepared to take responsibility for your own recovery by owning that you are utterly unique and, as such, your recovery won’t look like anybody else’s and so – to thrive – you simply must get to know exactly how you ‘work’, right down to the finest detail. With this painstaking attention to detail, you express your own worth in every moment; your sheer willingness to get your hands dirty, to pick up the pen and sign the dotted line to take responsibility for your own wellbeing, is the ultimate act of self-love. It also takes you the furthest you can go in a body because, like someone who knows how to get under the bonnet of their car, you become free to travel wherever the urge takes you without ever having to worry about where the nearest car mechanic is located. Equipped with your own repair kit, you can travel right off the beaten track of life and just knowing this changes everything; the innate sense of freedom and self-knowledge that comes with the territory ‘grows’ you even without you really noticing until, suddenly, it dawns upon you how everything that has happened to make all of this recovery-business a necessity has been the gift of your life. That happens when, all at once, you realise that – far from being the wreck you thought you were – you actually break down far less often than most people and, plus, you appreciate the ride far more than most, however well you happen to be ‘running’. You realise that, at some point, it stopped feeling like ‘recovery’ and started to feel much more like ‘good maintenance’; you take very good care of yourself indeed and it has become your baseline (you even wonder why other people don’t take such meticulously good care of themselves but then that’s their journey). Most of all, the view from the side of your particular road, which looks like nothing you could ever have planned (since you happened upon it quite organically; literally by following your nose) is really quite a jaw-dropper and you would rather be here than anywhere else and then some.

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