Locking onto your blueprint

For a long time I’ve made reference, in my various blogs, to something called a “blueprint” but what is this abstract-sounding thing? I wanted to iron this out somewhat because I’ve been having some extraordinary success using mine to make giant leaps with my health in ways that tell me this facility is getting easier for us to access and to “make real” in our everyday physical world. In effect, as we rapidly evolve, it is becoming much more readily available to us if we choose to access it and I believe a better understanding of this will be the foundation of our healing practices as they continue to evolve in the future.

Put in simplest terms, your blueprint is your design, like a set of architect drawings for the creation of you; and rather than being some sort of “nice idea” or oogly-boogly spiritual concept, this design really exists at the sixth dimension where sacred geometry creates the first patterns out of the light, sound and primary impulses for life that extend from the core of the universe. You could think of it as an idea of you; that very first impulse that arose to create you and with which you continue to have a relationship as though wirelessly connected in the way that a device in your home is still in contact with the control panel that determines how it operates. If that connection becomes distorted or breaks-down, we’re left with malfunctions in the system.

photo-1468322638156-074863f9362eWe all (I hope) have some vague concept of the sacred geometry that underlies the physical universe; how these repeated shapes underly all living things and determine how they grow and evolve.This sixth-dimensional drawing-board “you” is – you could say – the perfect you before life and your belief systems took their toll on what you see before you in the mirror or experience as your everyday reality with all of its physical foibles. This blueprint does not finish its work when you are born; it grows with you, informing your every step by holding in prototype what is possible for you to realise, guided by this exponentially flowering geometric shape. You can imagine, can’t you, how powerful it would be to have easy access to such a blueprint on a daily basis. This is the realm of spontaneous healing; its where we get to realise our optimal selves with ease, not the long, arduous three-dimensional route within all the confines of linear time and space. Conventional healing is like being a car mechanic as compared to being the one who first designed the car and who can build another from scratch at a moment’s notice, using the original design. It was never intended that we would live our lives as though our bodies were a finished product, making do with rudimentary repairs until the “car” breaks down. Inbuilt within us is the facility to rebuild the body over and over again yet, for the large part, we have forgotten that, through our consciousness, we are the skilled creators and that our lives are really like soft clay in our own capable hands.

This blueprint is what yoga plugs into; those shapes that yoga encourages us to make help the body to remember that blueprint in the physical domain and – through repetition, holding those shapes and consciously knowing how these actions serve to reestablish contact with our highest self – yoga can be incredibly powerful. Via yoga, I’ve witnessed people (including me!) transform their health and their body-shape in a sustained way and with almost super-human swiftness and ease where other means to these ends had previously proved such hard work, even futile and often very short-lived. This is because (the more so if practised mindfully) it is quantum in nature; which takes it way beyond the three-dimensional approaches to fitness that can be such a hard slog.

Yoga as quantum mechanics

In fact I had an epiphany recently that yoga is actually quantum mechanics in action. By directing “the wave” or the intention of ourselves through yoga, we manifest an outcome that we want; which is something like an optimum plan for ourselves drawn up outside of space and time and held in potential. You could think of it like a trust fund set up before we were born which is always there for us, should we ever want to draw down upon it; but we can only do this at times when we even sense it exists and then align with it (some people live their whole lives with no conscious realisation that it does, only crossing paths with it by chance at times when they follow the “good feelings” that are our best clue to its existence).

When we access our original blueprint as, in effect, the architect’s plans for our optimally healthy human self, the effect of this can be swift and extremely powerful, bypassing the tedious and frustrating processes of a piecemeal recovery achieved by attempting to rewire the body, inch by tedious inch, using modalities designed to operate exclusively at the physical level (which covers most “conventional” health care and fitness approaches). Once I had started to sniff out the existence of this blueprint, this transformed into an area of life where I was now using the fourth dimension to access the higher levels, where my blueprint resides, by choosing where to place my thoughts, where to put my focus, considering how to move, how to keep the body light and well-aligned with all that I sensed to be true about that higher version whilst doing any necessary housework around my belief system, dispensing with any limiting thoughts that I had ever been “sold” about my so-called limitations and what I could expect to happen with my physical body in any so-called logical, linear way. I was starting to “up” my game of recovery to the higher levels by going direct with myself and none of this had much to do with what we think we know about time and space.

Spot the difference
Spot the difference

No coincidence, in my mind, that those little drawings yoga teachers hand out that use match-stick men to map-out the routines they’ve drawn up look just like Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs; our ancient ancestors knew about quantum mechanics (as the book I’m currently reading confirms, see below*), playing with them through ritual and, I believe, the very earliest versions of yoga. So here’s a thought, when we do yoga, are we bending ourselves into living hieroglyphs? We mislaid this understanding the ancients clearly made use of, or you could say our fullest grasp of the mechanics, for a very long time, even though some of the actions have been preserved through traditions where strict adherence to a set of rules has sometimes taken over from, or obscured, the underlying wisdom. However this level of understanding ourselves is flooding back now as we remember and start to have direct and personal experiences of “higher-connectedness” play out in our daily lives, transforming situations that once felt stuck. We don’t need to hold “religiously” to the traditions that helped preserve fragments of this understanding across the bumpy seas of time, we can start to make direct observations of it through our day-to-day experiences as we manifest a new reality for ourselves using the guide of our what feels “good” and “most aligned”.

For my own part, I’ve mentioned before (in my post Yoga-ish) that yoga has turned into a fairly ad-hoc thing for me; not in the sense that my routine is irregular or sloppy (I do yoga every day) but in that I am fully open to “do” whatever feels most natural, which may not constitute a very formal series of yoga-moves. My intuition is my “teacher” and I listen very closely to what my body wants to do; making conscious the shapes that I am holding and whatever significance comes shining through them (which I often speak out loud) as I hold them, which always feels like channeling key information to myself. A bit like meditation was once something I used to do seated and silent before it “told me” I was ready to integrate it more into everyday life, this action-version of channelling seems to want to use my physical body as the conduit to sign-language a series of meaningful symbols to me and from me to my highest aspect. This daily ritual tends to play out something like a ceremony that reconnects me to my physical blueprint whilst reaffirming my connection to the earth. When its done most powerfully, I can feel the affirmative of the alignment in the source-energy that comes pouring into me by the end. Many times, I can utterly transform the way I feel on waking into something entirely different within a few moments of being on my mat and that facility is only becoming more slick and seamless with daily practice, which flags up the value of establishing a regular home practice, preferably in the morning before doing anything else (even if you enjoy going to a yoga class).

The power of visualisation

Yet because of what I have come to know about my blueprint through yoga, I now find there is something else that I can do even more often and which keeps me in constant communication with that blueprint.

First of all – and this is key – I have got to know that my blueprint exists; it is there, as real as anything, for all I can’t “see it” with my eyes. I understand that it is the guiding principle of “me” as a being that has taken on a physical human form and my very breathing and feeling existence confirms that; so the only variable is how well I am communicating with that blueprint. At times when I feel “off” or unwell, in pain, upset or whatever it is (in other words, at times when “I don’t feel good”) I can assume that the connection has become somewhat distorted or that there is interference on the communication line. By getting to really know that blueprint, taking time to visualise it and feel it strongly, I know what to look for when I need to reconnect. If you’re not sure what your own blueprint might look like (and I know not everyone is as visual as me), just imagine yourself in outline, only “perfect” in every detail, for instance standing up straight and minus any clues of physical disability. In my case – probably suggested by the word “blueprint” – I see this version of myself as a softly defined yet energetically vital hologram of me emitting a soft blue light.

The next thing to try visualising is this blueprint coming towards you and floating down onto your body or stepping into you and merging with you completely; I tend to imagine the connection happening with a  satisfying “clunk” as one locks perfectly onto the other but do whatever works for you. Then allow the feeling of ideal you to flood your cells, to iron out any creases, to flip any anomalies back to your “factory setting”, to straighten out any kinks in your nerves and to soothe any inflammation. Whatever your particular foible happens to be (and the benefit of accessing your blueprint doesn’t only relate to physical health), you will start to intuit that this blueprint knows how to seek out the particular areas of you that are misaligned and thus most in need of readjustment, even those that you weren’t consciously aware of, like the very beginnings of health issues that might not have fully emerged as physical sensations, caught in the very earliest stages of anomaly. Therefore, the more often you practice this, the more the process is one of clean-sweeping to keep the cells of the body optimum before they have a chance to become messy and so the health benefits multiply exponentially. What takes place is blindingly swift and requires no mental processing. So, without rationalising what you sense (or hope) is happening, remain in the territory of noticing wonderful feelings, allowing the visual to play out and then leave it all to marinade into a beautiful sensation that you come to recognise and look-forward to experiencing…often. In fact, make reconnecting with this visual your “guilty” secret, indulged many times a day, and just see what happens.

Once you have that feeling established, you can call on it literally any time of day and night and in absolutely any situation. I’ve found that, when I’m curled up in the foetal position hugging myself through some sort of pain, I can just as easily visualise my blueprint-self take on that shape in order to drop into me and, moments later, can be stretched out and feeling fine. Walking up a hill with legs that hurt profoundly, I’ve seen that blueprint walk down the hill towards me and seamlessly snap into place and suddenly I’m striding out in a way that is no more challenged than the next person. If I’m crashed-out exhausted in a crowded public place with nowhere to pull over and sit, I can visualise that blueprint taking me over and holding me together for as long as it takes to get me to where I can actually stop; in fact, I may find I no longer need to have that time-out after all.

There’s no over-dose of this thing; just use it as needed and, the more you do, you will notice how the blueprint becomes your prime reality and how recovery feels not only real but exhilarating for what it had to show you about how “being human” really works at the broadest level. Its then you truly come to appreciate how realising our higher-dimensional blueprint in the physical realms is what we actually came here for and what those of us who have overcome extreme physical challenges, to some extent, get to understand most of all because we get to play with those extremes and realise the creator in ourselves instead of bowing to the belief-system that once persuaded us we were a victim of circumstance. Instead of feeling flawed in any way, we get to understand how we are the teachers that get to show everyone else how to realise their best self in physical form and this is how we play a key part in our rapidly evolving, self-realising and ever-more optimally functioning world.

* My reference (above) was to Barbara Hand Clow who, in her book “Awakening the Planetary Mind” shares as follows:

“A remarkably innovative new researcher, Laird Scranton, has demonstrated that the Egyptian hieroglyphs are a scientific language that describes the composition of matter. He shows that they had discovered quantum and string theory thousands of years ago, and they used this advanced mathematics as the basis of their language”.

When I first read this, I had already drawn the comparison between the yoga sketches that litter my yoga space and Egyptian hieroglyphs. I had also started to acknowledge to myself that “its quantum” was very likely the best response to my own pressing question “why is yoga just so powerfully transformative”. Reading Clow’s words above was one of those “ka-pow” moments when you just know you’ve hit upon a truth that takes you beyond the synchronistically appearing words on a page you happen to be reading into the most perfect intersection with your own personal experience.

2 thoughts on “Locking onto your blueprint

  1. Wow!!! Your best post yet!! I love it and have been considering the same truths on my journey with learning through an energy healer, meditating, yoga, etc. I love the idea of a blueprint…to me I’ve pictured it as a high frequency of peace and love that takes over my body and mind to promote its natural state of healing and perfection. Thank you for sharing this profound truth and I will use this new visualization of a blueprint! What an inspirational post, I absolutely love every word!! 🙂 Lori

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    1. High praise indeed, I’m so glad it resonated and I hope you get GREAT results from using the visualisation! I’ve been locking on several times today, helped by writing this blog which kept me particularly focussed on the process, as the geomagnetic storm coming in has been quite lively and am sure I have coped far better than normal; its allowed me to channel the energy into loads of creative tasks rather than floor me! Best of luck and thanks for the great review 🙂


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