Claim your own mastery

There’s an energetic upsurge happening…and its predicted to be big. I’m talking quite literally in that the geomagnetic forecast predicts that it will be extremely “active” and “stormy” for the remainder of the month, possibly the year. Then I’m also talking circumstantially; we’re all aware what’s playing out on the political stage and in the world at large. And I’m talking, very likely, about what’s happening in your body, mind and emotions right now. So how about a fresh way of looking at all this; one that empowers and reassures you so deeply you feel you can completely trust the way ahead.

As I’ve written about countless times before in this space, I register energetic upsurges in a very physical way and I’ve felt this one happening for two or three days now. As always, it starts first as a sound, an incredibly high-pitched tone “coming in” from the broader universe; and its not a man-made sound or “tinnitus” but the song of our own evolution, which I hear way more loudly than the domestic sounds of my everyday world. This is often followed by light patterns that I start to see pulsing in my peripheral range or behind closed eyelids. Next I notice triggers go off in my body; feel spasms and sharp pains as though my cellular system is being asked to process far more than it is used to handling; so I treat myself kindly and I slow my rhythms right down. I start to notice how a lot of hot pain or intense pressure builds in the area where the spinal column meets the brain and so I use yoga and regular neck movements to stretch and roll out that part of me, to give my spinal cord the space and freedom for energy to move freely and extremely rapidly up and down the whole chakra system.

I’ve got to know the drill of these in-coming waves so well now that I am used to their patterns. By the time the energetic wave is being registered by the spaceweather people, I’m already starting to feel deeply uncomfortable around technology and know to limit it to short bursts or switch off altogether; that surrounding myself in negative ions, eating/drinking as purely as possible and that grounding myself in nature are my friends. This morning, holding a “live” wifi-connected mobile phone is registering as a very strong pulling sensation through my face sweeping from third eye down my cheeks and spinal column to my feet where I’m getting distinct stabbing sensations through the base of my soles as it discharges…and I’m feeling electric current off the keyboard and anything electric I go near. So, guess what, I’ve switched all that off and am writing this “offline” until its ready to post because why would I want to block my own evolution, as catalysed by universal codes that are doing their darndest to communicate with my evolution-poised DNA, by filling my nervous system up with the distracting energetic impulses of these all-pervasive manmade stimulants. The fact my body feels so much better for listening to this intuition is all I need to know about how divinely inspired and self-serving it really is and its nothing to do with living in terror of technology but, rather, using (or not using) it consciously to better serve my highest purpose.

Yet here’s what’s new and long overdue in terms of fully owning it…to others as well as myself. Whatever weird and wonderful experiences I’m having, I’m not fearing it. I’m not buying into any catastrophes around it. I’m not looking to anyone to tell me what is happening, though its always good to find others amongst this first “physical wave” of ascension that know what you’re talking about (remembering that not everyone is on the same page or specialising in this aspect of evolution since we all have different themes we are working on). I’m not apologising to anyone for what I am experiencing; am certainly not embarrassed by it or thinking I am doing anything wrong, failing to “let-go, to “clear my shit” or any of the other “work” that people love to talk about; I’m so done with thinking I have to work on myself.  In fact, I’m not assuming anything is going wrong at all or dashing to the doctors, taking pills or seeking out an endless array of teachers to “save me”. I’m not interpreting this as any one of a zillion popular forms of victimhood that I could label it under or seeing it as a sign of weakness or regression. I KNOW I’m not regressing because I am so clearly evolving….and I know and celebrate this with every fibre of my being.

I’m celebrating that I’m one of that first wave to feel it, to register it arriving, like one of the welcoming party playing fanfares at the very threshold of a new human biological potential being realised. I’m stepping up to my mastery in knowing the ropes of what this is all about because its been my reality for so very long now that I’ve earned my badges; and so I’m owning the skillset that allows me to perceive the unseeable and know it to be as real as anything more concrete or demonstrable in our world (and believe me, science is having to catch up). I’m remembering the subtler skills of a zillion other lifetimes and amalgamating them into one being who perceives deeper levels of what is occurring here so I can bear witness to the upgrade of a species, the subtle nuances of a remarkable transition era that many people have yet to get on board with. And when they do, it will be people like us who reassure them that this is all entirely normal as we shake off the paresthesia of several thousand years and bring our latent extra-sensory abilities back on board.

When you shake off the unnatural stance of smallness and fear and a fundamental belief that you must constantly protect yourself from harm, a posture that never felt quite right to you, it can  register as such immense relief throughout the body. “At last’ your biology declares; “no more pretence at there being anything to be concerned about” and then you step up to the fact you really knew that all along, didn’t you? We are reminded that to attain what we aspire to, we need to step towards it, to meet it half way…and its the mindset of mastery and fundamental optimism that is waiting for us to claim it; so why wait…step up to that plate and own it.

photo-1467514643154-8db60228bb00Just take that moment, pulled back from the maelstrom, and while deeply breathing in the unthinking awareness that informs you that you are securely cradled by all that there is, allow yourself to discover the truth in your heart…that there is nothing going on here to get alarmed about. When you perceive it and allow it to float in, just notice how all those stances of fear and concern were just a play you were acting in, a role you took on to feel part of the consensus, the way people seem to have agreed to act-out the big drama of life on planet earth; like an amateur dramatic performance you took way too seriously. In that place of awareness you know…and find you always knew…there is nothing going wrong here, however “bad” it all seems. Its all playing out perfectly and on cue, and you are a more intrinsic part of it…and far more masterful…than you ever allowed yourself to own before. Your super-power lies…where else but…in doing what you feel most blissfully drawn to do in each moment, however big or small, nothing more and nothing less…and that’s it! That’s how you “change the whole world”, including yours, starting with your health and your unwavering, unconditional, peace of mind.

As more and more people wake up to this degree of consciousness (and they are, in vast numbers; lifting them out of the endless cycles of reactivity), every single facet of human existence starts to alter and upgrade; and this is happening, right now. Learning how to step out of reaction – and how to re-lable the can of whatever circumstance happens to deliver to us, seeking the most masterful and optimistic interpretation – is so key to playing our own incredible part in this. Its how we take back our power; fear only keeps us thinking that we are small and helpless, which is the illusion we signed-up to for the  longest time.

To give ourselves ample credit for where we have been, we have become so expert at making things complicated and oh how we love to play the victim or the student to others who supposedly know “more” than we do; but there’s a whole new level of thrill, acceleration and mastery to be realised in owning and stepping up to our “biggest” least fallible self. When we do this, we recognise how waves of anything are only as threatening as we allow them to be interpreted. Heightened energies – of any apparent origin – can be great for holding onto the coat tails of, creatively speaking (and that especially includes in the “creation of you” as you would most like to realise yourself in this life) but when they originate from the galaxy, they are potent beyond words. Whatever waves you feel coming in, even when they reach “storm level”, I urge you to listen to all your intuitive guidance as to what  you would do better to limit your exposure to while your highest intelligence handles these impulses appropriately, be that wifi technology or the endless fear-mongering of the news. Then just step into those most masterful of shoes of yours and walk it, talk it every day. Prepare to be amazed as you notice how well you start to stride through whatever life happens to presents to you – this is the beginning of your own personal “upgrade”!

To view the impressive geomagnetic forecast of the next few weeks, go to the Tesis website…but only so you can look forward to riding those waves!

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