Doing alright…unconditionally

Today I am sharing this post from Spinning the Light as its so pertinent to subscribers in this space given what is “going on” right now in the news. Something anyone with long-running health challenges will probably know about themselves (though it applies to us all…) is that when we feel overwhelmed by things going on outside ourselves, things over which we feel we have  little or no control, we can register that in our bodies in the same way that we might register a virus, too much alcohol or anything else that is toxic or “attacking” us. If we are on an epic recovery journey, we are likely to have put a great deal of effort into creating an inner sanctum and protecting ourselves against the kind of harsh variables that rock our boat; so what happens when they come knocking at our door?

Knowing how to hold that inner space of unconditional wellbeing intact whilst facing up to whatever is going on and taking part in all aspects of life that require our attention is such an important skill set; as I was reminded this week. Once we have a handle on this, it demonstrates to us that there is nothing coming at us from outside as such and that it is that inner choice point of how to respond – a decision made from the creator seat at the very heart of us –  that determines everything going on in our reality; manifesting as our most minute body responses and so very much more. We start to dare to live with a foot in both camps; one in the inner sanctum and the other “out there” in the world, newly trusting that these two aspects of ourselves can learn to walk together, “one…two…one…two…one…two”. In being enticed to practice such a balanced approach (when we may have thought we had withdrawn forever) lies the potential for a whole new level of healing as we are encouraged to believe that we are not signed up for life’s perpetual hopping race but can really do this whole “being divinely human” thing without expecting to keep falling over when something rocks the boat.


It is as though we are collectively holding our breath at the start of election week, both highly triggered and oh-so quick to shoot each other yet simultaenously paralysed into the hopelessness of two dire “options” on the table; have we ever felt so short-changed? We are all affected, wherever we live; I see it in everyone’s face, I hear all the worries coming home from school with my daughter. There is a tangible feeling of overwhelm, of “what have we done, what are we doing” sweeping the world and this feeds into the cells of our biology, into all the subtle mindsets at play and into the collective vibration of the world. Can we really do anything? Well yes and I was just reminded through the experience I share in this post what a vast difference it can make! (Read on…)

Source: Being light, choosing your vibe…whatever

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