Remembering how to receive

I want to recommend this short video to ALL my female readers, which is not the angle-in on the topic of breast health that you probably expect or are used to hearing but its very-much MY way and I can relate to all the experiences Dr Northrup talks about in this (below). Its time – and very overdue – to get positive about our bodies and appreciate how they are always working with us.

smas_uxg4l0-rowan-chestnut.jpgIts time to recalibrate your relationship with your breasts instead of expecting them to kill you (which is what we are being so-consistently “taught” by our culture). As Dr Northrup so amply reminds us, breasts are ALL about “giving and receiving” and can tell you so much about your own relationship with those two sides of the see-saw by considering your health, especially around the breasts. I can look back on times of lumpiness and pain (and how quickly I drew negative conclusions…) yet see how closely they were related to the balance of giving and receiving going on in my life…times when I was trying desperately to be all things to all people but putting myself at the end of that queue.

This video encourages you to consider whether you are you give give giving but (at some level) finding it easier to take the knocks to your own health rather than face up to the fact you aren’t allowing yourself to receive anything back in return. Looking back, this was one of the most monumental questions I was forced to ask myself in order to get my very first foothold on the upturn of my health. These patterns get set up in families (my mother role-modelled this one so throughly to me…) and get perpetuated in marriages that don’t serve us (I’ve had one of those too), then they play out in careers and all sorts of social situations where we forget to even look at what we need back. So many pearls of wisdom in this short video so allow yourself the time to stop, sit down and watch it; you could consider it the first of many acts of receiving that you intend to allow yourself from today.

NYT best selling author Dr Northrup has written some wonderful, paradigm shifting books, all of which have played a key part in my health-journey and the my enthusiastic leap into the very best years of my life at 50 and beyond! Her website is full of useful resources including free audio books and videos. Here’s the one I’m talking about in this post:

The Breast Test that Every Woman Should Know About


Disclaimer: This website is not designed (nor should not be construed) to, provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion or treatment to you or any other individual, and is not intended as a substitute for medical or professional care and treatment.

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