Keeping your vibration up high

No doubt about it, I’ve been in such a high vibration this week; have started a brand-new creative project (very different to what I was doing before) and have been spinning those spirals, almost too excited to contain myself and wanting to dive into it every morning. More than that, I’ve been feeling more “up” than I can ever remember and whilst this might sound contrary to the vibe of much of the planet, what’s happening in the news, is it really? Seems to me there are a great many of us embodying this upward spiral right now, if only we step back and start noticing all the most uplifting signs carried by all the subtler subplots of the news.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 11.43.55.png

One sign that the planet herself might be noticing this upturn in planetary energy is that the Schumann Resonance is up to a new high, see screen shot left of week beginning 30 January 2017 where those down-pointing spikes on the graph are unusual ( gives current reading); so, could this be the collective effect of so many of us choosing our most evolutionary spiral, or is the resonance itself an agent of change as we collectively upgrade to a higher frequency? Whatever your viewpoint (and there’s a lot of varying speculation about what the Schumann resonance really is and whether it has any baring on human biology; though I am personally in no doubt) something’s certainly happening and it feels like an increase of pace and a clearing of the ways to a degree I’ve never experienced before. In my world, I’m spinning that energy, using it to fuel my own positivity, creativity and the birth of all-new aspects of self that feel like they are my own highest aspect making contact with the physical opportunity to create a new reality as ME. I’m flying, the feeling is quite addictive and, if my cells are a reflection of where I was six months ago, I can only assume that the new physical body I’ll have by the summer will be a happy reflection of this new state, reflected in my health.This is what is available to all of us when we grab onto the coat tails of the evolutionary impulse that only ever wants to take us higher.

But what happens when others don’t take that optimistic viewpoint, when they insist on the “hell in a handbasket” view of what’s playing out? Or, at the subtler level, when family members or close friends go into their own blue funk, even if it’s all just down to too much tiredness and so many work pressures that they can’t see the wood for the trees?  I surprised myself this morning when just that very thing played out and, where in the old days I might have joined that person out of care or sympathy for what they were going through (and, I know, crashing my own high vibe in the process), I said a firm and loving “no, I’m not joining you where you’re at” and ceased the conversation right there. They knew where to find me when they were ready to join my higher vibration again; and they did, far sooner than I expected. In otherwise, my own vibration was non-negotiable…it was where I was at, a place I had most-mindfully chosen to camp out with all my stuff and I wasn’t about to hand it over for anybody!

These little play-offs happen all the time in family, office or community life. I notice how I almost brace myself for what my daughter brings home through the door come 6 o’clock every day, like my own divine place (product of all my solitary hours) is suddenly taken hostage or shot dead at the door. But it doesn’t have to be like that as people drag their sack-load of perspectives, their school/office/world politics or wherever through the threshold. When you learn to hold that special place that you’ve learned how to feel out for yourself, you help them to defuse and to meet you where your higher vibe is always waiting for them; and it’s a well-accepted reality that a lower vibration will always acquiesce to the highest spun-lightone available when there’s a play-off. “So why do I always get brought down by other people’s moods?” you might ask; because, at some level, you go back to meet them there – whether out of kindness, duty or the long-established expectation that their downturned viewpoint is an inevitable return or “more real” than your higher version.

Well, I’m not expecting that any longer and its probably the kindest thing I can do for anybody to keep holding that higher vibe, to keep spinning it like a giant ball of cotton-candy made up of strands of light. There’s never been a more appropriate time for making this so or holding steadfastly to it, whatever other people are doing or thinking. Perhaps the fact the Schumann resonance is so markedly “up” this week, in spite of all that other spin, is a sign that we are – collectively – getting far better at doing this!


Theres’s a surprising lack of discussion about the Schumann Resonance on the internet. Most of what you will find is the stock Wiki description of what is is and when it was first discovered yet it’s bizarrely disregarded by most folk given the profound effects it MUST have on our biology. Those that are taking the latter most seriously tend to be of the HeartMath variety i.e. people who are using awareness of this field of resonance with the “heartbeat” of our planet to assist people in achieving greater calm and wellbeing in their daily lives (which is all very pertinent to healing). Others are camped out in the more shadowy corner where some are becoming convinced that the ionosphere is being used for nefarious purposes (for climate control and starwars-type programs etc) thus messing with the Schumann Resonance and human biology in the process. Certainly, the fact our ionosphere is, basically, the plasma soup through which all kinds of telecoms businesses transport their (both high and low frequency) signals makes it open to abuse and an increasing amount of electro-magnetic pollution, which is highly relevant to me as an electro-sensitive.

Again, I chose where to put my focus and deep-diving into a whole load of conspiracy theory and doom-perspective isn’t going to help me or anyone else to hold a higher vibe, which anyone looking at this from a consciousness evolution perspective is likely to consider to be the most important thing of all. Besides, I tend to think evolution so-often piggybacks off what feels like some of the most malevolent-seeming human trends at ground level (who’s to say those least “welfare oriented” human programs aren’t serving evolution anyway, without even intending to; oh how ironic). If our ionosphere is being tampered with, maybe that was always on the evolutionary cards so we can all turn up our frequency to the next level; and I choose the positive spin on what feels like a very distinct upturn in vibration because, according to my in-built guidance system, its right on the money since it FEELS SO GOOD.

What we are used to as our “home frequency” lies comfortably across the Theta to Alpha wave spectrum; in other words somewhere between daydreaming/asleep to comfortably relaxed. Previous recorded peaks have gone up to 15 or even 30; this latest surge is apparently over 40Hz. If we are really experiencing  a 40+Hz Schumann  resonance pumping through our cells this week then this is well-and-truly in the range of Beta wave lengths which are between 13-40 HZ , as “associated with peak-concentration, heightened alertness and visual acuity….. 40HZ beta frequency may be key to the act of cognition”. This range can also trigger over-stimulation (think “caffeine-like” effect). Above 40Hz, we are talking about Gamma waves – “These are involved in higher processing tasks as well as cognitive functioning. Gamma waves are important for learning, memory and information processing. It is thought that the 40 Hz gamma wave is important for the binding of our senses in regards to perception and are involved in learning new material”. For the longest time, we have been like the collective child in the womb, soothed by our earth-mother’s steady heartbeat; so, if we are now registering a new peak then Gaia has clearly decided to cease singing her steady 7 Hz lullaby, it seems.

In other words, the world is waking up, being encouraged to THINK and join all the dots at last…and we are seeing this all over the news, aren’t we? For some people, this is going to register as deeply unnerving since its so different and it can feel absolutely raw (at first) to be shaken awake and register very different perspectives all at once (Gamma waves can be associated with heightened anxiety and these higher frequencies can be exhausting at first, especially if fear of what feels new makes us resistant to them) but those of us who have been vibing high for some time can help those people to acclimatise since we have got somewhat more used to the territory. As I explored in my last blog, I believe our current wave of evolution (the Ninth Wave) already has our back and what I am most interested in here is demonstrating that of course our bodies are affected by these frequency changes; why would they not be. This was first observed by scientists in the 1970s. For further reading, here’s a couple of posts.

The Schumann Resonances and Human Psychobiology: PLANETARY RHYTHMS AND HUMAN HEALTH – Richard Alan Miller and Iona Miller

Why is the earth’s Schumann Resonance frequency accelerating? – Kathy J Forti, PhD

5 Types Of Brain Waves Frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta

Since writing this post at the start of February, I have come across a remarkably similar viewpoint from Dr Joe Dispenza in this article What Does the Spike in the Schumann Resonance Mean? 17 Feb 2017

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