Autonomic nerves and their ceaseless dialogue with the universe

If you’re wondering why the extraordinary solar flares of the last couple of weeks made you feel odd; of maybe you weren’t aware they happened but noticed you were feeling fired up, adrenalised etc. then this might be of interest. If you experienced racing heart, rising heat, even odd nerve pains (burning, itching, entrapment), even inexplicable waves of excitement then this post could pique your curiosity. These phenomenon (as anyone whose has read my blog before will know) aren’t new to me but my deeper grasp of them is.

That’s because a new penny dropped when I presented to my myofascial pain therapist with a severe burning nerve pain at the top of my leg (polite description) which I suggested to her, after doing some exploration online, was my pudendal nerve…and she agreed and set to work releasing it  (and its associated network of connected nerves upwards through the body). As it happened, we were right in the middle of a very intense geomagnetic event, the incoming tidal wave from the X9.3 flare that erupted two days earlier on 6th September. Numerous other high-powered flares occurred that week, the next biggest (an X8.2) on Sunday 10th.  The NASA link below gives you the lowdown on all of them and these events were very widely covered across all the mainstream news outlets.

My pudendal nerve remains work in progress (its history of flares goes back to a seminal event – requiring surgery – at the very start of active sun cycle 24 in 2008…) though, interestingly, my tolerance of all of the turbulent solar activity that ensued over that long weekend has been remarkable; normally such a sequence of events would have floored me. I was still registering the events as nerve responses as they unfolded…yet I kept going without migraines or massive energy crashes. The attention drawn to the pudendal, this time (now that I was exploring a particular nerve…with a name), led me to happen upon something that is interesting about the pudential nerve:

One of the things that make the pudendal nerve so unusual is that it doesn’t just have motor and sensory fibers like other nerves that exist outside of the brain and spinal cord, it also has autonomic fibers.

Here’s the significance of this unusual quality: Motor and sensory fibers innervate somatic structures, like muscles, giving us voluntary control over them. Whereas structures innervated by autonomic fibers are not under our voluntary control. The heart, lungs, and GI tract are examples of such structures.

(From  How do I know if I have pudential neuralgia or pudential nerve entrapment)

In other words, it’s a nerve which dances to its own merry tune beyond the conscious mind, taking care of functions beyond the curtain of mental understanding (keeping the heart beating is an obvious example of such a nerve). Or, should I say, it potentially dances to the tune of something else entirely…the tune of the universe, where we cease being individuals and remain part of something infinitely bigger. This is how I tend to regard the autonomic nervous system, and with good scientific foundation.

The thought that space weather – that is, solar flares, geomagnetic storms, solar winds, Schuman resonance,  etc – affect nerves that are part of the autonomic system isn’t exactly new (its certainly one I’ve taken as a given for a long time) but, by following the breadcrumb trail of the pudendal nerve, I found that there is new compelling science supporting this since last time I looked. According to new research (Synchronization of Human Autonomic Nervous System Rhythms with Geomagnetic Activity in Human Subjects: McCraty, Atkinson, Stolc, Alabdulgader, Vainoras and Ragulskis, July 2017), it seems we do, indeed, synchronize to those events at the autonomic level and further studies are certainly warranted, based on its findings

What led me to seek the connection is the fact that my pudendal nerve flairs up significantly in sync with such events (something which is much easier for me to “measure” as an acute response than, say, my heart going all a-flutter, my skin flushing or my emotions peaking (though I do register these effects as well). What’s more, the responses I have are in line with the initiation of the event (or even slightly before it occuring…not tied to the arrival of the geomagnetic event that comes in its wake and this “preempting” trait is also covered in the new study. The study looks at the elusive Schumann Resonance (subject of several of my other posts), pointing out how previous studies already suggest that “changes in the SR parameters are related to changes in the solar wind, and that solar radiation can affect brain activity, including modulations in cognition and memory consolidation”. This new study sets about continuously recording Human Nervous System data (as heart rate variability, used as an indicator of autonomic nervous system and dynamics) for one month based on 10 participants compared to time-varying changes in solar, local geomagnetic, and Schumann resonance activity. A CME occurred during the study and (quoting the report) “after the CME occurred there was an immediate increase in solar radio flux, which occurred at the same time as the X-class solar flare (dashed line)…There was a steep increase in the group’s HRV following the increased solar radio flux”. Further disruption of the HRV occured during the following geomagnetic storm and compression of the earth’s magnetosphere.

A summary of the reports findings is as follows ( I recommend reading the full report):

Overall, this study suggests that daily autonomic nervous system activity not only responds to changes in solar and geomagnetic activity, but also can synchronize with the time-varying magnetic fields associated with geomagnetic field-line resonances and Schumann resonances. The major influence that impacts these resonances and the earth’s magnetic field are the sun and solar wind…

Overall, the study suggests that daily autonomic nervous system activity not only responds to changes in solar and geomagnetic activity, but is synchronized with the time-varying magnetic fields associated with geomagnetic field-line resonances and Schumann resonances. A likely explanation for how solar and geomagnetic fields can influence human nervous system activity is through a resonant coupling between our nervous systems and geomagnetic frequencies (Alfvén waves), or ultra low frequency standing waves in the earth-ionosphere resonant cavity (Schumann resonances) that overlap with physiological rhythms.

It feels to me that the universe is banging out a particular beat on its drum and we are starting to synchronize with it…by design; and we can’t fail to “hear” it since it is our autonomic nervous system that tunes in. By way of a small-scale illustration of the point I am making, our alarm clock has a similar effect when I am near it. Its meant to be the quiet-sweep kind but I can always hear its internal mechanism make that swish-swosh noise, even when we lay it face down under the middle of the bed. On some nights, its rhythm seems to take over my whole body; I lock onto it and feel like I simply can’t sleep because my whole body attunes to the faster-than-relaxed heart-beat rhythm of this annoying clockwork gizmo and I feel just so adrenalised having it in the room. Its like it is forcing me to “go faster” than feels comfortable or natural when I am meant to be relaxing so the only thing to do, at those times, is to take it out of the room! Not so easy to do when the rhythm comes from the universe and, to those of us who are attuning, we are starting to notice some significant effects (and its not that we are “faulty”; we are just super-sensitive…and, ultimately, I believe we are all meant to be tuning in). To those out there that still insist that space weather doesn’t affect us down here, I say “rhubarb”!

For the moment, I suspect some of us register these effects more than others…but that number seems to be growing. This latest wave of solar events seems to have registered with a whole lot more “ordinary” people (by which I mean people who don’t ordinarily fixate on such things), not to mention the mainstream news sources via which these solar flares were widely reported. The day that I was seeing my myofascial therapist, I passed a woman talking on her phone in the street and heard her saying that she had been experiencing “really weird” sugar crashes for the last couple of days; like her thoughts would just hang in mid-flow and she would feel like she just had to go to sleep at her desk. My therapist exclaimed with relief when I told her about the active solar week, especially the X9.2 that occurred 48 hours before. She had been experiencing extreme migraines and peculiar chest pains for a few days and had been starting to worry. My husband mentioned to a colleague how space weather had been stirring up emotions in our house over the weekend of the X8.2 (oh how did tempers flared!) and asked how she had been feeling. “Really angry about nothing all weekend, now you come to mention it” she said and then made a point of asking all her friends, all of whom reported feeling anxious, adrenalised, out-of-sorts and generally hot under the collar for the previous few days. It’s getting through; many more people are tuning in…and when we all start tuning into something happening at this sort of scale, you have to assume, the comsos has something big in store for us and (as I know) it’s not something you can just think yourself out of or distract yourself from…its far bigger than that. Yet when we get to consider that its not our circumstances…per se…that are adrenalising us, not anything we did “wrong” that’s giving us that uncomfortable feeling, not a health crisis on the horizon necessarily…then we can learn a lot from these events; being forced, as it were, to the broader perspective in preference to our habitually narrow little outlook. And, in all sorts of ways, we can start to shine a spotlight on where the real work of our lives remains to be done…

nerve-painI’m using the pudendal nerve (I should say, the episode involving my inflamed pudendal nerve) as a sort of clue that these events register in our autonomic nervous system without us needing to register them via our minds at all. We don’t need to know “space weather” is going on for us to take part in it and yet we are probably all being affected by it a little more each time these events happen. It could even be that the pudendal nerve is the very gateway of how we register these events, being associated with the root chakra (our very connection to the earth; like an entry portal of our physical manifestation as earth-dwellers; the very start-point of kundalini rising) but that is a whole other hypothesis. Maybe its much simpler than that; and the pudendal just happens to be the particular autonomic nerve through which I am registering these events (relative to work I am currently doing to stabilise my root chakra; as per previous posts) whereas another person could experience a trigger event to do with their heart, their stomach, their throat or some other part of the body served by the autonomic system (easy to see how these all relate to powerful chakra-healing opportunities). The vagus nerve is a major player that I have talked about before in other posts (some say, the manifested “link” between our physical and spiritual aspects within the human body) and one which is undoubtably affected by these kinds of events (I tend to regard it as a giant guitar string that is “strummed” whenever the sun has something important to say). Without having to know exactly what is going on, these powerful experiences provide a golden opportunity for doing the necessary work, inside (consciousness) and out (body) so that we can get to where we are heading; and at a super-accelerated rate. Approached as such, they can be some of the most powerful periods of personal growth that we have available to us since it is as though the universe is supplying rocket fuel to all our efforts.


Interesting and related materials:

Synchronization of Human Autonomic Nervous System Rhythms with Geomagnetic Activity in Human Subjects: McCraty, Atkinson, Stolc, Alabdulgader, Vainoras and Ragulskis, July 2017

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An interesting and, perhaps, telling aside (in the light of our collective stuck attitudes around the root chakra) is that pundendal derives from pudendum: Mid 17th century: from Latin pudenda (membra) ‘(parts) to be ashamed of’, neuter plural of the gerundive of pudere ‘be ashamed’. (Oxford Dictionary)

This deeper post on my blog Spinning the Light is an extrapolation of my thoughts on this topic: The feminine has landed…so how do we induce her to stay

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  1. Great article, thank you! First ( I have found) on the link between the Pudendal nerve and the current energetic waves, and also the link with energy in the body causing this nerve to flare up (root+kundalini link does make a lot of sense). For me acupuncture seems to be helping during these intense flare ups!

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