The frequency of healing

Though many people look to the expertise of others to heal them, we are all fully equipped to work with the quantum level of life, where every moment is, as it were, a choice between particle or wave; substance or frequency and we get to choose outcome. A nano-second’s choice, at any level of life (right down to the way our cells behave), can create a very different outcome and we have influence over “which way” those kinds of choices go and yet we hardly ever give thought to how astonishing, and potent, that quantum reality is or how we can take more of a part in it.

Most of the time, in order to put something down so we can get on with other “more pressing” things, or make sense or order of “it”, we park “it” as particle; quickly choosing a habitual label for it before moving onto the next thing on our list. In other words, we predetermine what “it” is by making assumptions based on past experience or presumed future predictions in order to, as it were, deal with it or file it away efficiently. We humans also like to “see” what we are dealing with and this makes us prone to label or diagnose things readily so that they are “known” to us; no longer an invisible force that can creep up on us unawares; forgetting to explore how a softer approach can leave room for miracles to occur. From every minutest spasm taking place within the body to the trigger-responses of our daily circumstances, we make these snap choices – hard or soft, known or unknown, labeled or abstract, preconceived or allowed to remain soft as purest-potential…and then we get on with the rest of our day, hardly taking account of how these decisions impact our entire experience of life.

Yet frequency…the unseen aspect…is what determines so much more of the experience of life than we often admit; and it can be more useful to us when we know that and play with its potential. Medicine uses this, even at times when it seems not to realise it is doing so; for instance, vaccinations hold a concocted frequency that suggests a different response to override the body’s “hard”, learned response to some sort of exposure known to cause illness (unfortunately, it sometimes also holds the frequency of undesirable preservatives that are used in the manufacture of the vaccine, which can have their own unforeseen, low-frequency effects). Homeopathy seems to rely on a reverse-logic version of this premise, suggesting to the body the frequency that we don’t want to perpetuate so that the body can rise up and rally to uphold the very opposite in order to heal (and countless numbers of people worldwide are convinced that this works so I strongly suspect that it does). NES Health is another modality that plays with this potential and I explored this early on in my healing process.

When we meet someone or something situational, we often have less than a nano-second to scan the frequency of this thing before our own pre-conceptions and learned behaviours kick-in and make the outcome “hard” or “set” and, all too often, just a repeat performance of reactions we have had in the past, based on learned responses (not an actual in-the-moment frequency reading). How many of us slow down enough to take an actual frequency reading of situations or people we meet before allowing the knee-jerk responses to take over? It takes a certain level of mindfulness to do this; one I like to think I am well on the way to developing (its work in progress for us all). When we slow down and listen to our gut, as we often refer to our inbuilt frequency-reading device, before responding or making decisions that become ever harder to reverse once they are activated, we work with the potential that comes from being the wave, which allows all potential outcomes to hover close-by, waiting for us to choose freely from them; not just a limited selection of “usual suspects” from life’s perpetual line up of typical outcomes. In other words, exceptional outcomes, including exceptional healing scenarios, become available to us; yes, we’re talking about nothing less than miracles (by which we really mean “logic-defying outcomes”) here.

So when we seek to heal, that is, to elicit a different response to the kind of triggers that have our body behaving in a certain way, how do we get right back to that original blueprint that we were before a health issue started creating itself from decisions that turned into the hard “particulars” of our so-called diagnosis? How do we wind back the circumstantial clock? At the quantum level, it should take no time at all to do this, and yet… When decisions are being made “for us” (as we tend to think) at the infinitesimal, microcosmic level of our deepest biology, how do “we” (so many links away in the imagined biological chain of command) stand a chance of influencing them or overriding them with our preference to “heal now”; which means, effectively, we are asking to turn the particle back into that wave of purest potential where all things are possible? We know that some people manage to do this; they are the miracle healings we love to hear about, and often it seems to take being lifted right out of the scope of the body and all its learned behaviours, into a near death experience, for that person to wipe the slate clean of that quantum trend of particle over wave that has been built deep into their cells. So how do mere mortals get to do that and can we influence ourselves towards such a quantum healing in any way? Where do we even start?

Meditation is one such place and is a practice I have returned to this year after what had become a long phase of, lets just say, not valuing its potential as much as I once did. My return to my daily practice has been one of the greatest gifts of this year and, I like to think, this is something I am unlikely to surrender again in this lifetime; as though doing it for so long, stopping and then returning to it was a very-necessary “experiment” I had to humour myself with, to truly value its benefits once and for all. I think I have taken it far deeper this time and it is much more about achieving a state of void or spaciousness, this time around; helped along by my reading of Dr Joe Dispenza’s book “Becoming Supernatural” (which I heartily recommend). Meditation is all about letting the thoughts go rather than hooking onto them; the very essence of wave over particle, in action…which becomes a lifeskill, the more we practice it. Imagining space inside and all around (each part of) my body until I am utterly surrounded by space and returned to it has become a profound daily healing practice for me; one which I sense is delivering me results, not to mention new quick-fire responses to sensory triggers that might otherwise have had me going into pain, analysis or even a full-blown fear-reaction but now I can drop into the remembered experience of void, even when I am walking about in busy places with a lot of chaos going on around me. Each time an idea around a particular symptom starts to form, I am aware that I have a choice to keep things soft as much as to pursue a diagnosis, a label or a presumed outcome; responses which can, all too often, perpetuate or make worse what was only just thinking about beginning when I first noticed it. Done once, this allows the same symptom to come in to my awareness even more softly the next time, or even not to happen at all. It can feel a little like how I imagine it would be learning to surf; choosing to ride the wave as a high-flying rhythm made manifest rather than being crashed by the full force of its substance against my body. Or like that incredible void inside the curl of the wave that looks like how I imagine it feels to be travelling through eternity with nothing that can truly get in your way or interupt your flow since this is a place outside of what we even know of as substance or circumstance. It is in that void or absolute spaciousness, where nothing “exists” as particle, that the ability to rewind my body’s learned responses truly lies and so I know I must keep going back there to build on the work I am doing with my body, day by day by day and meditation gives me that framework.

The food that we eat and water we drink (which, very literally, becomes us at the particle level) also holds frequency “for us”. Dr Emoto demonstrated amply how water holds frequency as actual, photographable crystals which look very different to each other according to the frequency they have been exposed to; information that remains amongst the very profoundest things I ever gathered on this healing journey. Since then…which is probably half a decade or more ago… I have considered (very seriously) the circumstances, people and mindsets that my water and food comes into contact with before I am prepared to consume them and it has been a year now since I started drinking all my water out of glass vessels engraved with the words “love”, peace”, “grace” and “gratitude” (laugh away but you can’t sway me on this; I know that this “works” towards my healing). The organic food that we eat, which comes as direct as possible from the farm, holds a vastly different frequency imprint than the mass produced and manipulated, chemically sprayed, overly packaged/transported/stored goods that have been handled by disgruntled or even profoundly unhappy individuals all the way down the line of production and it has been a long time since I was able to tune into that enough to became aware of how it was affecting me and then ignore it; so I simply don’t compromise on my food choices any more. It was instrumental, of course, in my decision to become vegetarian six years ago and, now, vegan since I am unable to reconcile the frequency of trauma held by “food” from animal farming with what I was prepared to put in my body whilst expecting it to hold the highest frequency of which I am capable; the two simply weren’t consistent premises and had to part ways.

Is it a coincidence that my health, and immunity, seem to be taking strides to become more resilient as I work more with holding frequency as a way of healing? I mean, yes, I still have unpleasant, troublesome symptoms that I could, if I wanted, dwell upon and no doubt make more of (and sometimes, I admit, I do…) but, an increasing amount of the time, I allow things to go soft, to allow a sense of “no labelling”, “no diagnosis”, “nothing to fear” to come sweeping in…and then, the rest of the time, my lifestyle, my diet, my behaviours assist in helping me to hold a higher possibility which is, slowly but surely, getting me there. One of the things I am particularly noticing is how my chronic hay fever and summertime asthma has (why do I still want to say “touch wood”) all but disappeared this year. Even as I walk past some of the very triggers that were my worst, such as horse-chestnut blossom (which I used to run past, hands over face…and still get terrible wheezing, eye-stinging, nose rubbing symptoms) hardly bothers me even as I walk right up to it to take photographs of its flowery cones. I don’t take any kind of medication for my allergies anymore (though I note that celery, which I juice every morning as part of the Medical Medium’s diet plan, is a natural source of quercetin). After 37 years of ever-worsening symptoms making my life miserable from March and hellish over mid-summer, this is so incredible for me to notice, and it all started to improve when I changed to an organic, plant-based, gluten free diet…and has reached a whole new pinnacle of recovery this year with the coming-together of all the practices I’ve described in this post. You could say, since holding the possibility of a different story about myself, even more consistently than ever.

Another way of holding such a possibility came to me by so-called chance as a product I was asked to sample; a plug-in device called a Calmpsace Pro (see resources, below). I was so impressed that I had got into in-depth email correspondence with its creator and ordered two more within a week (and was also invited to try-out a portable version). This product dresses itself up as one of numerous devices marketed online designed to protect “against” dirty electricity and electro-magnetic pollution; which, in fact, it does in the sense that it is a very efficient dirty-electricity filter of the kind I would recommend to all modern households. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg of what it does, which (rather than attempt my own words, I will quote direct from their website below) is more akin to serving as a frequency holder. My feeling, when I am in a space with these devices on is of being inside a kind of quantum hologram of a “peace tent” or sacred space; a sort of higher-frequency zone where even my tinnitus sounds less malevolent or bothersome to me than it does usually (it never goes but has changed its…quality…since using these; I think I am now pretty resigned to the fact I hear frequency as “sound”). Also a zone in which my heart coherence (as measured by my HeartMath EmWave2 monitor, see resources below) records as conspicuously more, well, coherent…akin to when I meditate or am deep into my art-practice. Since installing these devices, I have worked better, felt calmer, slept more restoratively (sleep has been oh-so deep and satisfying…like reactivating a sort of fond memory of what the carefree sleep of childhood felt like). Within the pattern that it holds for me, I find I am able to let go and get on with my day more easily; feel less distracted by the need to safeguard a frequency zone for myself since it is being supported around me. Consequently, I feel far more energised, productive, creative, calm and it literally does feel like a breath of fresh air at a frequency level (not just as in “breathing” easier), like when you go to a clearing in some woods near fresh water and feel everything about your energy field relax and become optimum. Three weeks in, I feel different somehow and wouldn’t be without them; plus the effect feels progressive. Probably because, as self-professed by Simon Fox, their creator, these devices aren’t meant so much to defend you against a malevolent world but to build up your own resources from the inside out. Their basically principle, in fact, is right on theme with this post.

So, why does Wi-Fi and mobile technology (that is, any kind of technology where information becomes invisibly airborne) seem to have such bearing on this topic? My pet theory is that all this data, invisible as it is, has to “be” somewhere as it travels from A to B and that it piggybacks on, or at least interferes with, the very same invisible frequencies that we humans use for our own health and wellbeing. Technology in the air makes hard and immutable what should be soft and fluid, responsive and changeable at a moment’s notice, on an indivudual’s own whim and not determined by a field of manmade interference. Frequencies that used to be impulsive and capable of being altered or dissolved away completely when no longer of use are being hard-wired into information channels that hang around forever and intersect into vast blankets of frequency, becoming data smog the same way coal-burning used to turn our skies dishmop grey. These are manmade waves which, when they carry data, effectively turn what should be quantum nothingness into “particles” of meaning and association in the human minds that receive them; and, because we don’t see them with the eye, many people still seem to think they are simply not there; though how naive can they continue to be about these elephants in our room? If our world was meant to hold some sort of 50:50 balance between particle and wave in order to, as it were, hold itself together (and for us to hold ourselves in ideal balance between left and right hemispheres, which determines health) then the balance is being well and truly tipped over the no-return point by the rate at which invisible frequencies are being hijacked by developers with big-bucks to spend on a massively growing market built on a greed for technology that is being fed by the self-same advertisers. Technology can be amazing, for sure; but it feels as though a crucial, moral, line is being crossed now and with scarce consideration for the consequences, not just for those pockets of us that are already sensitive but, actually, all us as the effects catch up across the masses. Hand-held technology and (I have found) even the frequency of those operating these gizmos, as though the equipment amplifies or “megaphones” to louder decibels all that they are about, can profoundly mess with our own frequencies, especially in crowded places where the preoccupations of the people are potentially out of sync with our our own; think a day out in the shop-till-you-drop or finance quarter of a city or indeed anywhere that the energy feels “off” to you and then ask yourself if this has felt amplified since everyone walks around with a phone in their hand. (I have noticed the opposite in gatherings where the vibe is higher; where my tolerance of mobile technology is also increased compared to other crowded places.) In other words, data, conversations, pixels, mindsets…delivered invisibly through the air as frequency….start to assert themselves over us and to dominate or over-write the very mechanisms of health for those that are more attuned to frequency than others; I give you the electro-hypersensitive person.

Why are we surprised; these are the same people who “feel into situations” before jumping the gun, who have so-called psychic abilities and precognition, who are profoundly affected by environments and take readings of others before believing all that the more obvious senses would have them take as ”read”. They are our artists, our intuitives, our guides…and they are feeling these waves-forced-into-becoming-particles before anyone else; like a world draught of “wave-space” is imminent as all the wavelengths get gobbled up and no one is hearing their alarm cry. And these are the people that are suffering the most as technology seeks to dominate all of our so-called empty spaces; and will be the first that the world will miss if they become obsolete because they can no longer cope with living in such a world. So they (we) must learn how to make waves of even this situation; in other words, not allowing it to become our “hard reality” by succumbing to it or retreating in fear but, rather, working with it from the inside out, using what we know about making these inner choices, choosing our own frequency and maintaining it through the broader choices and behaviours that determine our lifestyle.

cody-black-327753-unsplashIn many ways, this approach calls for a simplicity or lack of sophistication that we might otherwise overlook since it is often the very simplest, most natural, of things that hold the highest frequencies of all. Like a counter-technology (r)evolution. Pot plants, flowers, crystals…all of these help to hold a less discordant, more coherent and health-conducive frequency where we spend most of our time. Living in nature or by moving water, surrounding ourselves with birdsong, encouraging gentle creatures to trust us and come close, spending time with pets, listening to high-vibe music, going for walks, pursuing creative hobies, performing loving acts; these all work too. Getting the space we spend most time in energetically cleansed through a home healing (as we did, in two of our most frequented places, early this year…with astonishing consequences, the least of which are that plants now thrive and our dog is suddenly so much healthier and happier). Choosing who you spend time around and who, or what, you welcome into your inner sanctum, considering how much, and where, you want to go out and how to protect yourself energetically in public places (there are many ways) are all simple and fairly obvious methods of doing this work. In truth, this becomes a whole way of looking at life with so many added benefits; allowing outcomes to remain soft until…well…you decide which outcome you prefer or which interpretations you feel best with more so than allowing outside forces to determine how you are feeling or what story they are allowed to assert in your space. Which, you could say, is the very point of all healing.


Calmspace Pro: as mentioned above. Here, quoted directly from their website, is a description of the features most relevant to this post. To read more about how it works, follow this link. Please note that I am not a reseller of Calmspace and offer this information as an impartial yet highly impressed user of the product. From their website:

Harmonious alignment within the auric field

It is vital to address not only the human body but the Consciousness which is in action within it. Human Consciousness concerns itself with levels of attention. Attention is directed at something (Consciousness on the other hand is everywhere). Attention gives rise to awareness. And so awareness is Consciousness in action. The promotion of increased awareness comes about through the increased transfer of information through transduction into the body.

Carbon60 described above deals with bio-energy, not with consciousness. That is taken care of by an additional layer of programmed components within the unit which create a realignment within the layers of the subtle human anatomy within the auric field, which sit within the centre of the torsion field around every living system. A harmonious state is vital for increased awareness, and that is achieved when the subtle bodies are aligned with each other.

The matrix within the Calmspace Pro unit uses the Carbon60 output as a carrier wave for these other components. Once again fractal embedding is involved, permitting the generation of a quantum field of potential to facilitate the generation of new neural pathways within the mind. This process in turn awakens – and once awake, strengthens – the transduction process.

Supporting multidimensional awareness

Furthermore, we live in a multidimensional Universe, and within that there should always be a multidimensional movement of energy. A lack of awareness as described above limits the dimensional scope of that movement. Scalar waves are multidimensional containers of information that can hold complex patterning, and act to expand that awareness, and thus become vehicles for multidimensional movement of energy. The matrix circuit within the unit uses the creation of a multitude of vorteces, to activate the patterns held by the unit in the form of scalar waves. A vortex is an energy transformation from one dimension to another via resonance, and it is through this that the Calmspace Pro is able to create and hold a space for growth.



Resources: as above.

Heartmath EmWave2  – follow the link for a description of how this device. Briefly from their website “emWave technology is an innovative approach to improving wellness and facilitating personal growth based on learning to change your heart rhythm pattern to create coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our psychological and physiological processes. emWave technology collects pulse data through a pulse sensor and translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics on your computer or into easy to follow lights on the portable emWave2”. I researched this a couple of years ago and took the plunge to purchase it a month ago; so far, I am finding it a worthwhile tool.

Dr Masuru Emoto‘s well-respected and quite astonishing water crystal studies.

NES Health – one of the earliest and most innovative healing modalities I ever pursued. I will never be able to measure how significantly this nudged me onto the healing trajectory but am so grateful for what it did and how much it taught me about quantum healing potential. See also Harry Massey’s book Decoding the Human Body Field.

Home Healing by Emma Loveheart of Into the Light

The Medical Medium – high-vibrational healing straight from source, no agendas!

Dr Joe Dispenza – Becoming Supernatural. “Readers will learn that we are, quite literally supernatural by nature if given the proper knowledge and instruction, and when we learn how to apply that information through various meditations, we should experience a greater expression of our creative abilities; that we have the capacity to tune in to frequencies beyond our material world and receive more orderly coherent streams of consciousness and energy; that we can intentionally change our brain chemistry to initiate profoundly mystical transcendental experiences; and how, if we do this enough times, we can develop the skill of creating a more efficient, balanced, healthy body, a more unlimited mind, and greater access to the realms of spiritual truth.”


This blog, its content and any material linked to it are presented for informational purposes only. They are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing. The material and opinions shared are anecdotal and should not be considered to be medical advice or diagnosis. Please consult with a licensed healthcare professional before altering or discontinuing any medications, treatment, diet or supplementation program, or if you have or suspect you might have a health condition that requires medical attention.



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