Encouragement for those who are on the path of gold…

I was thrilled to happen upon a long excerpt from the Medical Medium’s book Thyroid Healing today, on Facebook (from his blog), because it is my favourite passage from that book. The first time I read it, I got goosebumps because he describes exactly how I have regarded my own trials and tribulations with health over the last decade.

Even down to his discussion of gold (follow the link below to read this in full), this passage of the book arrested me with words that were so astonishingly synchronistic with my own thoughts on the matter. “Gold” is a concept that has garnered more and more significance for me over the years as I became irresistibly drawn to it (not as  a thing but as a frequency), which led me to explore ancient ideas of what gold “is” and how it resonates as a quality we hold within yet, sometimes, feel we are outwardly having to search for, or rather for things that hold that golden frequency, to make our own inner gold feel stronger and more resilient. The most meaningful talisman of my own healing process is a Mantra Bead, made of organic gold and holding a particular frequency of healing, which I wear constantly around my neck as reminder of the gold within (and I find, these days, that I only ever want to wear gold though, before my health journey, I never felt drawn to it at all). Elen of the Ways, guardian-goddess of the British Isles (with whom I have a deep and personal connection), is said to be the keeper of the pathways of gold; a symbolic quality way beyond the literal, the understanding of which has been “mislaid” by many over time…now, ripe to be remembered. The golden frequency is something that Anni Sennov discusses eloquently as a quality we are all rediscovering in ourselves as we evolve, and especially once we have undergone an AuraTranformation (as I recently did), as explained in her book Golden Age, Golden Earth (follow the link for an interesting synopsis).

“Gold” as a frequency is certainly something that I have felt rise up in me the more I have identified the positives and a sense of over-arching purpose and design in all of my circumstances, even those that give me challenge or feel disheartening. As anyone who has followed my blog will know, I have always sought the gifts along the way and, in more ways than I can list, am so grateful for the experiences I have had along the healing path; I would not be who I am today had I not had them.

The passage in Anthony Williams book that I refer to comes under the heading Soul’s Gold. Here’s a short taste of what he has to say, which I feel is especially important for anyone who has been on a long healing journey (following their own path of gold like an endless yellow brick road…). It really is the most beautiful and arresting passage for anyone who is walking in these shoes to hear.

All that time that symptoms were limiting you, they were giving you something, too. That compassion you gained from being vulnerable, that wisdom that came from watching life at a distance, that faith that there had to be an answer, that supreme patience of putting one foot in front of the other—these are yours to use for the rest of your life. Losses, struggles, wounds, suffering, pain, sorrow, fear, hardships, trials, letdowns, and battles are not what any of us would choose. When they visit us, though, we get our greatest tools and treasures.

A longer excerpt, which I recommend, can be found on the Medical Medium blog using the link below and, of course in Anthony William’s excellent book Thyroid Healing.

Soul’s Gold – a blog article and audio on the Medical Medium website.

One thought on “Encouragement for those who are on the path of gold…

  1. I did read this recently, but it still brings tears to my eyes to read the excerpt from Anthony’s book here – and to be reminded again of this “gold” in our lives. I have just recently started my own blog, Walking the Healing Path, after praying to the Angel of Purpose for direction in my life. I’m a total newbie at blogging and am still struggling with this, but now I find that using the “Reader,” I can search for blog sites like yours. Cool. I want to read the rest of your posts. I’ll check out that link to Golden Age, Golden Earth as well. Great job, Helen!


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