Quantum healing: coaching others to be more supportive of you…and thus themselves

Once you start healing in a quantum way, you start to realise just how many trip-wires of belief there are in your life; and how you have been so prone to tripping over them all of your life to date. Even more so, you perceive them in the form of all the (until now) easily tolerated beliefs, thus behaviours, of others you spend your time with, so this is just a short post to address a typical example of how this can present challenge; and how it can be turned around as a gift.

I’ve been working with quantum healing for a very long time now, since whenever I read those very first books I came across, pushing a decade ago, about particle and wave and the power of the mind to turn matter back into energy (and energy into more-preferable matter…) long before I came across the groundbreaking work of “Dr Joe” (Joe Dispenza: see book reference below). Those early efforts to apply what I was learning to my own experience were rudamentary and piecemeal, involving experiments in softening my own reactions into a different energetic format that was as whole and perfectly harmonious as my physical “reality” was afflicted with chronic health challenges.

However, as per my last post, I’m making a supreme effort to work with Dr Joe’s material right now as I sense this is one of the most powerful tools to healing (several such tools have materialised since I turned my efforts to visualising them arrive…) and I intend to give it my all. His track record of working with people to heal using quantum understanding takes this material way beyond the pages of a text book into supportable science and he provides all kinds of tools, such as mediations derived from his workshops, which I started using this week, with some interesting outcomes already. I was also particularly impressed by one of the case studies in his book where a young man with severe electro-magnetic hypersensitivity (like me!) used these meditations to recover his health completely to where he is no longer affected by EMFs. As I did the other day, I urge you to read his book…

So, when I woke up just before dawn, tried to settled down to an impromptu silent mediation in my bed and it quickly became apparent that that wasn’t going to happen as the room was too hot and my husband too fidgety, I decided to get up to do my Dr Joe meditations in another room. In fact, as soon as I settled into my sitting position with my audios at the ready, I kind-of knew my body had set this appointment with me, which was why I was so abruptly awoken, feeling ready for “something”, just before sunrise. My mind, I sensed, was really wanting this healing to occur now and was pushing me to make it happen; not just slip away on a current of apathy.

So I spent the next hour and a half, or thereabouts, following The Breath and Blessing the Energy Centres audios (noticing how this built on the powerful experiences I had had with these just yesterday, especially the latter, as The Breath is still a hard process to master, taking more practice). Then, feeling so relaxed and a little “out of it”, I decided to go back to bed so that I could be horizontal and relaxed while my body integrated all the new instructions it had just been given.

So I slept, dozed and semi-mediated for another couple of hours, which took me beyond the time my husband got up to his alarm and, though I still felt a little spacey and undefined, I could tell this was all good, being part of the neccessary process while my body took on its new instructions of healing and let go of its old definitions of brokeness. Still a little vague, I went downstairs to have my breakfast, passing my husband at his laptop…and, looking up, he called over to me

“Bad night then?”

Immediately, I contracted…both in my body, as my energy field reinterpreted what I had been spinning as “positive” back into the way I used to interpret such an early-waking morning where I had to get out of bed before daylight; and also in my head as I toppled into a state of profound annoyance with him for throwing the negativity rock at all my quantum work. It was a visceral thing; as though the torus of free-flowing energy that I had had spinning ceased to flow, flipped directions and turned-in on itself as my energy field contracted to at least half of its previous size…

Now, I recalled, this used to happen a lot all those years ago, when I was first experimenting with the quantum realm in a household that, back then, was filled with the sound of noisy, often bad-tempered, children and a rhythm of life that couldn’t always be kept under control or make room for me conducting particle into wave experiments deep in my energy field. Even back then, I appreciated that was just the way things were…life isn’t pristine nor is it a laboratory. Yet I would still feel my efforts were being constantly undermined by assumptions made to an old tune when I was doing such important inner work to change things; I kept feeling like I was being dragged back into my old belief systems against my very will!

According to the dictates of another defunct “old” belief system, you could say this is always going to be inevitable; “nothing ever changes…because how can we change everyone’s mind all at once” goes the mantra of doom…

Human beings interpret other human being’s behaviours according to a set of deeply-ingrained cultural norms (you can insert “beliefs”) and this is where quantum healing comes under strain in the midst of “normal” everyday life. The bad habit of assuming that time spent lying down in the day, getting up in the night, becoming very quiet or withdrawing from group behaviours while I rewrote my fundamental “learned” behaviours at the cellular level, were NEGATIVE behaviours, indicative of a PROBLEM, proved very hard to break amongst people that didn’t get what I was doing back in those early years of healing; amongst family members who hadn’t given time to considering how the quantum realm behaves and who weren’t invested in its potential in the same way that I was.

Yet I quickly found it was helpful to at least persuade those family members to attempt a few basic “tweaks” to their behaviours. First, I asked them politely to stop using the words “bad”, “upset”, “struggling”, “unwell”, “quiet” (in a critical sense), “set-back” etc. in the ways that are habitual with most people; I even offered them alternate phrases such as “integrating”, “resting”, “nurturing”, “taking time for myself”, “listening to my body” and so on. All this is so important for you too, if you are working on achieving a healing miracle…

Ask them all, if they can, to assume that all is well, to allow you have everything in hand, that you will clearly raise your hand and indicate if you need help but otherwise to assume that whatever “odd” or “non-typical” behaviours you may be displaying are perfectly fine and not open for negotiation, cajoling or analysis…nor should they be subjected to “old” interpretations. To create something quite new, we have to explore the new and we may need to break the back of many old behaviours and rhthyms, at least for as long as it takes to reinvent our experiences according to the benchmarks of resonance and conscious choice. So tell those family members how much you value their support. Help them to notice that negative words and interpretations are really not helpful to you or anyone else unless genuinely called for to communicate an emergency and that anything else needs to be softened and made room for as you find your new way of being…

Perhaps, above all, teach them how to greet you with optimism and positivity in the morning!

Of course, there’s another set of old reactions to be honed here and its your own, as I was just reminded. In fact, this opportunity came up much more potently today than ever before, even as I felt the old “rise” in me as my husband’s well meant words triggered the contraction in my otherwise sublime and amorphous quantum state. Becoming the witness to my own reactions I realised: nobody else can truly appreciate the degree to which you have learned that your healing depends on breaking the back of old assumptions that things are “bad”, “broken” and “going wrong”; no one knows as well as you do how learned this assumption is at the very core of every cell of your body and how much effort it is now taking from you to teach those cells to sing to a different tune. No one else but you can truly grasp how you are attempting the uncommon here; that no common-or-garden method of putting up with or medicating your health issues will do since you demand a miracle; how you are attempting something truly extraordinary before their very eyes, which calls for new rules that you are fully invested in but which, to them, are abstract-sounding since they are so hard to explain. They don’t realise that there are profound changes occuring on the inside which have yet to maifest in the three-dimensional; but that they can assist by holding space for them more so than observing what “seems” to be just the same as yesterday. No one else has experienced, as often or devastatingly as you have, how little it takes for your oh-so sensitive system to contract at the first hint of a crisis; thus how important it is to keep assumptions supremely positive in your home environment, even (especially) amongst family members who love you enough to want to keep checking in with “is everything alright?” They don’t realise, as you do, that the need to check presupposes a problem you are wanting to distract your body from fixating on any more…

So in amidst the annoyance I initially felt, I also noticed how I had participated in the newly contracted state by going to, as it were, greet it with my arms open wide. I noticed, in a way that is valuable to me, how my new-found quantum wave state is just so fragile that it potentially (though not necessarily...) makes me vulnerable to things I expose myself to; which is a lesson in itself. I then noticed how quickly I was able to turn it around…by consciously replacing that potential for fear with a stronger potential for love…quickly perceiving all the love that precipitated my husband’s enquiry and allowing myself to receive that instead of the negative connotation behind his concern. Then, allowing that love to grow fuller and fuller until it bathed me and all the space around us both, I witnessed how the very brief contraction was nulled and I was back to where I was a moment ago, in fact now inside an even more newly expansive space because I had taken part in it during my waking, not just my meditative, state.

And this is the ultimate test, the rubber meets the road part of quantum healing; where we get to try it out in the face of all the bumps and wiggles of “real life”, where old belief systems still, apparently, rule the roost…for now. I have no doubt in the potential for an alternate reality to emerge as more of us get the hang of what I just described.

In time, the more of us that learn this quantum way of being…which takes us way beyond healing the individual and into a love-informed way of existing as humans, across the board…the more these frequencies will roll out and influence all the belief systems that we operate according to, transforming them away from negative suppositions, fear and brokenness. Because, and this is scientifically suported, these new responses profoundly influence the quantum field and are contagious!

The more “I am” like this in my home environment, the more I notice others around me operating from this new premise; in fact, its been quite tremendous to witness this quite momentous change over a number of years, and the way it has informed new outcomes rippling out in the broader sphere of life, even if we (all) slip up sometimes.

So, as you can see, there are important things in this to learn for both yourself and all those who care for you; because as they learn the new vernacular of a different possibility in order to support you in yours, they will start to perceive all the ways that they have been trip-wiring themselves with assumptions of negativity in so many ways, day in and day out, making those negatives “actual” through the very act of summoning them with the pre-assumption of their words, which then causes the all-powerful mind to follow suit. With you as their example, they get to witness what happens when we redirect those thoughts towards positive outcomes, even before they happen…until they really do.

Meanwhile, as you catalyse this learning-space into existence, amongst all of those who care for and spend time around you, there’s a new space held for you to become the master of quantum healing and indeed quantum living in which nothing is inherently bad, old beliefs are scrutinised for their usefulness and (as necessary) dissolved forever and your healing process is turned from “a problem” into the gift that enabled you to hone this as your master skill. Together, all of you get to learn…by example…how thoughts manifest reality, becoming the creator-masters of your own experiences like never before.

Book reference:

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon – Dr Joe Dispenza

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2 thoughts on “Quantum healing: coaching others to be more supportive of you…and thus themselves

  1. I’m eager to put this into practice in my office environment! We do practice this at home… and what a difference it makes AND what an ongoing practice it becomes as I continually remember to extend to my boyfriend the space I want extended to me… and now I’m eager to consciously practice it at the office.


    1. Its going to be interesting for me to get to practice extending it to all the new people Ive made contact with via the group I just created when we meet in person soon, and to see if they are ready to roll it out to the people they live and work with…


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