Quantum healing: adding the third part of the equation in order to leap

I visited an exhibition called First Life last weekend; on the topic of the Precambrian era 540 million years ago, known for being the era in which a species diversification explosion occurred. In other words, earth’s species suddenly multiplied and complexified in terms of physical and other features and variety, becoming the basis for the species we have today, though scientists remain unsure why simple, soft celled sea creatures straddled somewhere between plant and animal so suddenly evolved into the bilateral, multi-limbed, highly structured creatures that became our ancestors. This post is an abridged version of all that I shared on this evolutionary theme in my other blog today – click here for the full post but, in this space, I mainly want to concentrate on the implications for health and landmark healing.

To me, walking around the exhibit, it seemed so obvious they were missing a crucial point, as their theories trailed off into vague speculation about alterations in climate etc. on the informationals. No one invited Dr Carl Johan Calleman to add his quantum holographic viewpoint into the conversation (from “The Nine Waves of Creation” –  that extraordinary book I often refer to) but he was there in my head. Regarded as a momentum of the 2nd wave of evolution in action, corresponding as it does with one of its first peaks…always the most change-making in every wave…the quantum trigger to this event seemed so obvious to me as the missing link in this whole conversation…indeed, the whole museum with its emphatically empirical tilt.

Because what about the unfathomable feminine aspect…the esoteric, mystic, inexplicable, unmeasurable, extrasensory, multidimensional, nonlinear, quantum holographic influence that plays her powerful part in all this so-called “history” too? What about the wave of energy that potentially came in from a sentient universe and initiated this change (as has happened countless other demonstrable times in our collective story, triggering otherwise bizarre leaps which men like to think they can explain away with “logical” evidence whilst missing the potential for an underlying quantum impulse)? How quickly does our jigsaw puzzle fall into place then?

There was something else for me in the Precambrian era and I knew it would be in there…something about a nervous system that reminds me more of my own than what I see in other less-sensitive, less bizarrely “physically challenged” people around me. Its something that I noticed when I was in such hyper-sensitive pain a few years ago that I began to research lions mane mushrooms and discovered that this offers powerful healing for the over-wrought human nervous system (the myelin sheath in particular); and that it looks a lot like a sea anemone which, in the way that Nature often heals by leaving the visual clue in the antidote, felt important. It turned out, we evolved our own complex nervous system from the simplistic version we see today in that sea anemone and I developed a theory that this link with our earliest ancestors was key. Here was a clue to my own responsiveness to subtle sensory data (in a way that is problematic in the modern world).

Something in me, deep-deep down in the subconsciousness of my autonomic functioning, always seemed to want to  gravitate  “back” to be being that simple, flowing yet highly responsive creature immersed in the currents of an endlessly fluid sea bed (though this is no easy way to be in the world as it currently is…). I suspect there has been a long-running nostalgia in my cells harking black to a unilateral version of my physicality and I find it, also, in the way my beyond-hemispherical autism-and-synethesia-informed sensory processing works, the way my body goes suddenly soft with bursts of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (and falls back on other versions of “strength” to what are considered typical or appropriate for “survival”), how it stores and grips-on to everything that it considers may ever be remotely harmful or useful “just incase”. I find it in my mitochondrial dysfunction that frequently defers to anaerobic methods that cause oxygen depletion when I exercise, thus intense bouts of muscle pain, and the way my vision seems to be the least utilised of my sensory skills (just as smell, vibration, and touch were the only ways that Precambrian creatures interfaced with their world), the way I struggle-so with a dualistic world fixated upon pushing and pulling, competing and striving, because I really don’t resonate with that means of motivating “life” since I would rather pursue love and joy than struggle and survival. But why is my body so nostalgic for that “less-evolved” era and how had this, actually led me, towards a sense of being bombarded by an environment that feels highly toxic to me, as though I’m stranded outside of my time?

I found my clue in some questions raised by the exhibit. The theory goes that these simple, almost plant-like, creatures of the Precambrian era “suddenly” made their evolutionary leap 540 million years ago in response to the new availability of minerals in sea water, perhaps because the rising levels of the oceans washed them into the water from the surface, an occurrence triggered by some as-yet baffling “outside event” (I refer the question back to Dr Calleman’s theory…he has some answers) but why did these creatures respond in this way? Was it because they were delirious to have access to new chemicals that enabled them to evolve some interesting new physical features to make life more fun (a happy, life-affirming reason to evolve)? Or, was it because they felt under threat from the onslaught of new chemicals in their environment and so they responded by forming new mineral structures to store them away in, to try and keep themselves safe from the bombardment; mineral structures that ended up looking a lot like skeletons and shells and teeth and other organs and limbs that gave the evolutionary advantage (so, a fear or crisis-based reason to evolve)?

The paradox is probably that it is both and still can be, for all of us “here” in present time as we are; since that self-same choicepoint lies inside our own cells, constantly waiting for a clear response!

Because, as I regard it, we all harbour our Precambrian selves within our current cell structures  and can re-sit the testing point of that evolutionary breakthrough point, time and time again, in the sense that we can indeed alter our reality, especially our health, on a pinhead, based on what we believe about the world…do we live in ways that are life-affirming or fear-based? This is something I have realised for a very long time but this new layer of understanding, that my cells are potentially “nostalgic” for an earlier format of their existence (in essence, for a time when there was little or no need to confront such a choice…so, an easier kind-of existence), has added a potent new layer of understanding for me. I’ve never been a big fan of choices and, at the core of it, its that I feel uncomfortable with the idea that a choice suggest something is “wrong”, which is a misfit in my set of ideals. I would much rather exist in a world where it is assumed that all is right so perhaps that’s what the Precambrian seas held in memory for me; a simpler, more harmonious, shrug-shoulders “don’t worry, be happy” kind-of-a world. The frustrating thing is, most of the rest of the world isn’t playing along any more…

The thing is, our feminine experience of life (that again…) is non-linear; we are our earliest formations simultaneous to the modern versions we see standing before us in the mirror, at some level; albeit at a layer that is hidden from physical view. In our DNA coding, we are all we have ever been and could be, some of it realised, some tucked away, some as yet to be activated, but when things aren’t going so well and we defer to some other version of self that feels historic, there are questions to be asked; what is it that we so-nostalgically crave about that earlier experience, what does it offer that we now believe we lack? Is it the sheer fact of simplicity or is it the absence of predators, of duality or stress? Why do we ever crave winding the clock back; can we glean that same “thinking” going on in our biology? If we find ourselves craving a life on the deep ocean bed as though it is a home we once lost, how is this playing out in our present-day health; our Ehlers Danlos, our autoimmunities, our hyper-sensitivities and allergies, our cellular dysfunctions, our Alzheimers, our cancers, our depressions and sense of not belonging here, our inability to hold onto recovery phases for very long before reverting or relapsing, or even as the unfeasible amount of water that is unleashing in some of our landscapes at the present time? What are we manifesting with this subliminal fixation? It could be self-sabotage at the deepest possible level.

The thing is, if those Precambrian life forms experienced the new influx of chemicals released into their environment as “toxic” and yet we, in hindsight, can regard what happened next as a giant evolutionary burst, what does that say about where we are today? My entire environment comes across as toxic when I am at my low-points; yet I never doubt for a moment that this exposure has fuelled a giant leap in my self-awareness and personal growth. So, I have the self-awareness and over-view that creatures of the Precambrian era lacked…that’s evolution for you…though we are at much the same point; a giant leap in our story.

Either way of looking at it, in the flip-phase of the Cambrian era, it led to their evolution, into bilateral creatures, now with more than just two layers of simply organised cells (skin and gut) into three layers to become triploblastic, that third part branching off into organs to process toxins and sift out nutrients, etc. Bodies began to organise into the left and right hemispheres that we have today (we could say, the feminine and now, also, the masculine “sides” claiming their space, henceforth to “move us along” by pushing and pulling towards and against each other in a dialogue that is meant to be collaborative and healthy…a polarity held in balance). Under that masculine influence, all these hard mineral structures began to form to make bodies more interesting…in fact, an entire stockpile of armoury appeared in a long running arms war as life became all about survival of the one with the biggest teeth, strongest jaw, fastest legs; an unfortunate byproduct of this evolutionary leap and yet a crucial one in all the following stages of our development. The rest, as they say is history….and what a long-slog it has been to get here.

Is this why such cellular nostalgia exists for me and those who, like me, have access to the multi-stage evolutionary data in their DNA and can thus recall an earlier format, albeit subconsciously; perhaps, because we have done the deep inner probing for a very long time, or perhaps because we are simply wired that way (an autistic trait…) to pay more attention to the inner environment of our bodies and our subjective experiences than the outer distractions of the world? Perhaps as some of us become more clear about our coding, ready for an evolutionary upshift, we also get to “see” our gene journey backwards, like moving to a new house will unearth all those old photos and trinkets of an earlier time, stored up in the cupboard but newly shown light of day, stirring up mixed emotions, even attachments that we thought we had done with. We get to feel into where we have been…prior to making the leap, and it can unground us, just as we are prepared to move forwards; causing a wobble in our sense of direction and a niggle that tries to tell us “backwards” is really where it is at. Which is an easy mistake to make since we are, indeed headed towards increased simplicity, going forwards, but its not the un-knowing simplicity that we began from at the start of evolution but, rather, the return to simplicity that comes from achieving another three-way split (as our ancestors split their cells into three groups to become triploblastic)…only we are doing it in our consciousness!

The three-way split; this topic has been everywhere in my thoughts lately, manifesting at every level of my experience as I seem to newly come at life from a whole other perspective, with a fuller hand of cards. Because as we evolve into this phase, we become the living trinity or Divine Trine (the ancient symbol we known as the Celtic triquetra or triskele/triskelion or we can think of these three parts as “thirty-three and a third” each); the first two parts being the masculine and feminine, day (sun) and night (moon), consciousness and sub/super-consciousness, left and right hemispheres of the brain, matter and antimatter, magnetic and electric…etc. We have worked with these first two parts for some considerable time now, and some of us are really “getting the hang of it” at last. Once these pairings truly work together in what we can regard as a divine marriage or alchemical union, something else happens…

We then add on the capstone to the triangle; the objectivity that overseas it all, that can glean the bigger picture even as the muddle of circumstances unfold, that can remain in neutral even under pressure, that realises that “all is on track” and so does not tumble into the  kind of panic or fear that clouds judgement, in fact this is the non-judgmental quality that ameliorates situations between “opposing” parties or issues that would normally become tricky and overloaded with meaning…and so on. The acquisition of this third part returns us to a kind of simplicity, a neutrality, a purity that we lost along the way; but that’s not to say we go backwards (if we are to continue using linear terms for sake of understanding it, in the context of evolution), but that we go “back to the future” as the saying goes, only this is an evolved version, an upgrade, incorporating (as in, to reunite) all that we have picked up along the way. In other words, we do indeed return to source…only, this is a version of source that has become self-aware of all that it is (whereas it started out not knowing what it was) and is fine with all that.

Split into just two parts, the world as it is seems all-but worn out; the wearisome dualistic battle ground that seems to throw up no useful or long-lasting solutions for any of us any more. We have, seemingly, reached a grande “stuck point” made up of either one side pitted against the other ground into deadlock, or the kind of unenamoured all-inclusiveness and compromise that feels like political correctness gone mad; because true harmony cannot be legislated,  it needs to come from direct experience of unity consciousness and love (both natural by-products of acquiring the third part of the trinity, since you cannot be aware of how everything is connected and yet maintain ideas of separation). We may even grasp the idea of a trinity with our minds, walking the talk in our behaviours as best we can and yet still not feel it in our bodies due to a core resistance going on in our cells to being here now (as described above)…in a world where so much still operates according to a dualistic perspective; which can become incredibly wearisome for those of us who operate though our feeling senses more so than our eyes and logical brains. This absence of trinity inside the cells of the body, even when the mind and heart say go ahead, can manifest as stuck health issues that seem to contradict the higher frequency of our thinking; because our cells still don’t want to be here as things currently are, finding it so challenging to function in this current environment….thus, judging it all as wrong. Perhaps this is why my physical body has become so weary of “bilateral” reality, wanting to abstain, to wind the clock back, to go back to what came from before..back to the soft flow, the gentle, information filled currents where awareness of self and other was a fuzzy line and no need to take anybody on.

Yet winding things “backwards” isn’t the only way; there is always that option to leap things “forwards” towards another simplification, which is really the evolutionary imperative…we are all called to progress “forwards” by how tough things are right now, if we are to stay embodied and not continue to rub against our binary times and so “forwards” offers us that potential, always.

These two alternate versions of reality, past and future (neither of them strictly binary because of the third element…) may look similar and yet they are not quite the same…since we started as unilateral, became bilateral but what about trilateral, which is surely next? The idea of the divine trinity has been a nice idea for thousands of years but, these days, its a very tangible option, in a physical sense as well as an esoteric one; one that has become all the more real for me as I have learned to move my body in a whole new way using Nordic walking methods, which is more than the sum of its two parts when it comes to achieving a sense of something overarching being activated from the movement, deep instead the cells, that goes beyond the two hemispheres, awakening a third level of my physicality that lay dormant. This kind of method (a behavioural method that stimulates new experiences) is how we activate disused codes in our DNA; this is epigenetics in action. So, backwards, or forwards, where do we go? Herein lies all of our conundrums, whatever our stuck-point in life; since it is all a matter of interpretation and choice!

Yes times are very very hard right now, no denying it, but this situation is no more fixed than Nature is ever fixed. So, what are we hankering for, deep deep down; and can we only find it in “the past” or can we imagine that it lies there waiting for us, but much improved, in our “future”; as a caterpillar imagines that, one day, it will have wings though it hardly knows what they are for…manifesting them thus? Instead of letting things slide backwards, can we dare to jump forwards into the unknown? Do we wind back to a less-evolved state that feels “easier” because it challenged us less (a crash back to the beginning…surely a very real card on the table for the entire planet right now) or do we make that giant leap forwards towards our destiny? The state of our physical health can tell us a great deal about where we are in that dilemma, even long after we have mentally grasped the opportunity of a forward momentum. Even the slightest hint of lag towards the earlier format can scramble our cells…which are left wondering “who do we listen to, how do we function, what do we do next?” On a recovery trajectory, we cant afford to have such a wobble; we need to be decisive and have faith!

So amidst these evolutionary pondering, I find the state of my own cellular conundrum sitting there staring me in the face, dressed up as my ceaseless health challenges, which seem to contradict where I have got to with my heart and mind; yes, too much nostalgia can be a very disorienting thing…not least at the cellular level (where 3D life begins). Having identified this urge to crystallise something nostalgic, to carve it in stone as though to preserve it forever (…making it into my own living museum…) I now realise that to hanker backwards is clearly not the answer; though we may learn a great deal from the past’s perspective. Yes, we can learn a great deal by reviewing but to hold experiences in stone, or in formaldehyde, or in glass, or on film or indeed any other immobile substance is to turn it into a museum, or art, or nostalgia…all creditable in their way…but that’s not real life.  Just realising this, making this choicepoint conscious, is to communicate with your own DNA and make a sizeable leap; announcing “my life is dynamic and it needs to be daring, to not rely so heavily on the parameters of the past; it requires that free-form permission from me to just leap forwards into the unknown so let’s do that very thing, unreservedly”. This is what it feels like to bring the feminine aspect on board at the cellular level; and I’m feeling it becoming activated more than ever since the experiences I’ve described.

Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 12.09.24Ways we can help ourselves do this are to visualise the trinity, perhaps using the symbol of the triquetra or triskele as a focal point for meditation, even wearing it as I have done for quite some time. In our daily situations, we can practice viewing things from that third angle; pulled back somewhat from the drama and taking the neutral yet curious overview even before we decide how to step back in and make a choice, as is a condition of life. I suspect that working with the breath is key when there is any cellular lag going on; to the degree that, quite literally, re-learning how to breathe through one or two daily exercises is an important facet of bringing your cells into alignment with your desire to evolve forwards (I’m using the Wim Hoff method on youtube and find it very potent).

Then, working with the nine waves (as per Calleman’s theory: and if you have no familiarity with this, imagine a series of nine energy waves that came in to the planet over its history, with the up-and-down structure of sine waves, expressly to evolve it) as I do, I have newly discovered a more proactive method of doing just that. For this, you need to bear in mind that the evolutionary wave impulse is not strictly linear, though it “looks” like that when we analyse each wave’s on-and-off phases on the history time charts…but this is, in effect, just an example of the wave turning into particle so we can better grasp it against the ruler of history whereas the quantum impulse itself is not time-barred nor conditional but always there in full availability.  To use the waves to heal, we need to revert them back from the particle into the wave… So, in essence we need to know, the holographic impulse that informs our evolution is “outside of time”, thus we now have access to all the nine wave, simultaneously, inside ourselves, in this now moment, fully connected to them as required, via our DNA (which is also responsive to those waves), activated by our focus. I had long wondered “why nine waves” and “why does it stop there” but, of course, nine is a sacred number and it doesn’t stop there. What came to me, powerfully, is that the progression of nine (in no particular oder) continues, on repeat…within each of us (carrying, as we do, the continuous lineage of all of our previous and future evolutions inside our cells). We become the masters that then work with the inner nine waves to evolve ourselves as a planet has evolved around us. And we utilise both particle and wave at the same, plus a third addition – ourselves!

So, my exercise is, if we can imagine all nine waves that have now been activated since 2011 (as Calleman’s theory asserts) as nine strands of golden thread in our hand, all brought together as one so that their peaks and troughs synchronise…never mind about differences in timescale…and then affirm that we are in full alignment with the highest potential of each of those waves, as we are now, I sense we can create (even recreate) our own genetic history in the quantum field in order to iron out any foibles left over from trauma and other hangups that cause evolutionary lag and gathering all the most useful facets of each wave’s particular focus. In my experience, we can then bring up…in order to rework them…particular themes in our lives that we can transform; not through trying so very hard but by observing what now, newly, plays out (the way this second wave theme came up for me this last week is an example; I played witness and I learned a great deal to inform my next evolution). Thus we don’t have to grapple with “physics” or “history” or “biology” or “putting things right”, we simply defer to that part of ourselves where everything is already right on track and remember that we are so powerful (and masterful from all our gathered evolutions) that our focus can really do this stuff.  Put it this way, when I work like this, the sense of overwhelming peace and of teeming life force that floods my cells is powerful and tangible, if potentially ungrounding so you need to factor in recalibration time and space afterwards as you return to your physical timeline, although this too will have potentially moved sideways into a life-affirmative, healing trajectory (yes, bit by bit and with diligence, we can take these quantum sidesteps that defy medical logic). I don’t know (or need to know) what I’m doing fully but I can feel its the right thing for me to do and that its informing a shift in my experiences, yes even at the ever-lagging physical level.

Because, individually and collectively, we really do need to make that leap into the dark, into the mysterious, the mystical, the unfathomable, the unfeasible, the hard-to-pin down or predict, the quantum and the surprise element, the non-linearity…that feminine part of ourselves and of our experience of life. We can’t just hold on to what is so-called “known” and thus deemed “safe” on a rigidly linear timeline and expect to get out of this hole or even continue as things are; because to do so is to stifle our own potential which, being counter to Nature, will eventually force a shift towards unification one way or another…meaning, if it cant seem to progress forwards, it may well revert us backwards, towards an earlier format of “unity” (a return to source, as-in to dissolve back into the sands of the sea bed). In each of our personal evolutions and in our collective one, this same rule-of-thumb applies; by the natural momentum of the universe, we are invited to progress forwards (yet, by that same token, are equally faced with this dalliance backwards…the cellular glance over the shoulder). If we dare to take that leap, this cannot ever look “just the same” as our yesterdays, nor can it come from a place of perpetual separation mentality and imbalance (our distorted binary reality); something has to give. Indeed, to move forwards, we emphatically need both binary parties on board, in balance, fully polarised and then….ting…the shining third part appears, as if by magic!

And so we leap…

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