Working with the covid vaccination

On the theme of recommending useful tools, I just want to briefly recommend this wonderful free course offered by Prune Harris for Vaccination Alignment and Integration.

I am already familiar with Prune’s offerings and with Energy Medicine so when I came across this course, some time before signing up for my covid vaccination, I was extremely grateful and eager to sign up.

The decision to go ahead with the vaccination was no small one for me, given my track record of over-reacting to vaccinations and medications and so the process of decision making was an ordeal in itself. What it taught me is that, whatever your decision happens to be, as long as you make that decision consciously and then commit to it, that is all that matters for you to stay in your power ready to work with that decision. If possible, don’t get caught up in other people’s opinions, their fear-mongering or any other source of pressure from the outside, and don’t even insist on “having all the information” (as someone I know has been doing, sending her into a loop of panic) before feeling able to proceed…because, as ever in life, there are no guarantees and we only know what we know in this moment; yet we do have choices and more power than we often realise.

Rather (and this is where your true power sparks to life), feel into your own decision and then commit to it, making it personal and standing by your own body and energy field as you proceed. This isn’t something you have to discuss with others; we each have our own paths to follow but the real work comes in the form of sensing what is right for us and then commiting fully to a path, holding highest intentions for ourselves. Those intentions are the very crux of the matter. This is where Prune’s course came into the picture for me, perfectly complimenting my own desire to settle my nervous system down, poised ready to go ahead and integrate the powerful medicine of the vaccination in a way that is perfect for my highest possible outcome.

Prune Harris

The course is free so I won’t get into describing or attempting to explain what it entails…I will only say to you it is lovely and soothing so go ahead and experience it. Even if you have already had the vaccination, or the first dose, use those parts that are designed to be used afterwards or to prepare for the second installment. For my own part, it was a powerful aide in the few days between booking the appointment and showing up at the venue…and I can report that (alongside The Gupta Program, which has played a monumental part in my ability to proceed without fear) this mini course has been, and continues to be, a marvellous daily “stabiliser” and “integrator”.

There are three ten-minute routines, one for the few days prior to the vaccination, one for straight after the vaccination and a radiant health routine after that…then, of course, you repeat the process for the second dose. You could, I imagine, use if for integrating any vaccination, not just the covid-19.

My vaccination was almost a week ago and I can happily report that, though I was perhaps more likely to react to any vaccination than some people based on track-record, I had no adverse side effects apart from a bruised arm…which is a minor miracle. Even though my mast cells were fired up more than usual in the weeks and days prior, with a break-out of rosecrea and seasonal allergies and a lot of CFS symptoms in that very week, I managed to calm everything down from the moment I set about using Prune’s course and the Gupta Program methods for calming my nervous system. I even felt supremely positive about going ahead and having “done it”; to quote a friend, I didn’t just get through it but I “owned it”. Even my husband (who did not follow Prune’s routine…) had a few side-effects afterwards and so I count myself very fortunate indeed. By the way, I also credit my healthy diet and supplement protocols and also the bentonite clay baths I took from the day of the vaccination onwards with my positive outcome.

Here’s a link to the free course – Vaccination Alignment and Integration.

Prune also offers a course called Restore Your Health and Vitality After Coronavirus and many other wonderful resources; very highly recommended!

As ever, all these resources are listed under Health Resources at the top of the page.

Disclaimer: This blog, it’s content and any material linked to it are presented for autobiographical, anecdotal purposes only. They are not meant as advice. They are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing. The material and opinions shared are anecdotal and should not be considered to be medical advice or diagnosis. This article does not constitute a recommendation for the treatment or choices described and the effects related are my own anecdotes, not a prediction of how anyone else might respond. I do not advocate taking any of the supplements referred to or following any of the choices or steps outlined and suggest that you conduct your own enquiries with medical advisors. Please consult with a licensed healthcare professional if you have or suspect you might have a health condition that requires medical attention or before embarking on a new treatment plan.

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