Game changer: recovering from chronic conditions using The Gupta Program

Its now three months since I committed to The Gupta Program as the healing modality I had long been looking for, being based in the idea of “neuroplasticity”, which I regard as a game-changer when it comes to healing from “stuck” or chronic health conditions. This program is, without doubt, the best healing modality of any kind that I have tried across the decade and a half that I have been dealing with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, electro-hypersensitivity, MCAS, PoTs, IBS and more and I finally feel as though there is light at the end of the tunnel. All the years of writing this blog have taken me through a long-haul series of symptoms and conditions and now I am finding my way out into the daylight on the other side.

Because, I can now report that I have completed all the modules and the 12 week webinar series and that what I have achieved over those few weeks is nothing short of astonishing.

Yes, I still have some symptoms and occassional “dips”; however, how I deal with these is entirely different, also it is still very “early days” in the program, plus I can see much more clearly how those symptoms are a downstream effect of the healing process itself. Because my body is, finally, learning to let go of its white-knuckle grip on a “loop in the brain” that has kept me locked into chronic health issues for years (always so exhausted with the very effort of seeking answers, constantly feeling I have to put out all the many fires that keep breaking out in my body, all of which I can let go of now), it has inevitably entered a kind of swoon of what looks like more chronic fatigue, and this has been my experience of the past few weeks; often needing to take it easy, sleep in the day, stop what I had planned. However, beneath all that is a deep relaxation and feeling of “letting go” that is quite new and I wake feeling so much more at ease, not to mention feeling so much more joy and optimism.

What looks like fatigue is also a case of recalibrating my life to look very different to before because my priorities have changed very rapidly and so I can no longer measure my life by what came before; I am simply not that person any more (and don’t want to continue running around doing what she did for the reasons she considered valid). As so often comes about when you, finally, submit to the kind of deep surrender that leads to the ultimate process of healing, this can seem like going soft, losing even more structure and pulling back from activities even more. However, I know (from plenty of other anecdotes in the Gupta community) that this kind of response in pretty common and that this too shall pass. Meanwhile, overal, I am so profoundly aware of the positive impact this program is having on me, every single day that none of that matters, at all. I chose to follow the program and am fully commited to the ride…back to health.

So, what I am most interested in here are all the massive positives I have been noticing, both physical and mental…and how they are building exponentially, the more I use the program. The progression is tangible and it feels as though I have moved a very long way in relatively short time, even if it is in ways that are hard to explain because, as ever, its deeply personal. I am also noticing far less over-reaction by my nervous system and mast cells, my IBS has been non-existent, I sleep far deeper and for longer, headaches have gone, head is clearer, appetiite (for food and for life) has increased as has the range of foods I can enjoy without adverse effects, laughter and appreciation are back, I feel much more relaxed saying “yes” to things without all the worry, I can tolerate EMFs for longer and brief exposures to chemicals without swooning…(the list goes on), plus I had a monumental success getting through a couple of appointments I had been utterly dreading, see below.

Healing, always, occurs from that point where the circle is broken and the spiral begins to rise up out of the long-repeated loop and The Gupta Program has been (and continues to be) the leading end of that spiral for me. It’s about perceiving, and interrupting, what no longer serves you and making a different choice. What I describe here is the very essence of neuroplasticity; as in, a new route is chosen and then that fresh-new pathway is reinforced with regular foot-fall whilst the old-stuck pathway is allowed to grow over and drop away from lack of use.

At the heart of this is the requirement for conscious choice: we choose to head towards what brings us health and happiness whilst letting go of anything that does not support that. With time, this “learning” becomes so deeply embedded, from using The Gupta Program, that I now find I am making far better, more conscious and self-supporting choices in every aspect of my life!

There is a comparison I can make with a topic I have written about here before. I made a giant leap out of my own stuck circle exactly one year ago today when I began a morning dancing routine, as per my earlier posts on the topic. So, today is my dancing birthday…one to celebrate with a happy dance! For 12 months, I have kept diligently to that practice, yes even on my dip days (in all that time I have missed, perhaps, less than one handful of dance-sessions) because even if, on some days, I have had to pare it back to pretty much a hand-jive to music whilst swaying or stepping from one leg to the other then so be it. The whole point is, I am committed to turning up in that space at that time and turning the music on…and this mindset was great preparation for using The Gupta Program, which is based on making that very same commitment.

So, what you learn is, “letting yourself off” from the good habit of whatever it is that is helping you forge a new behaviour cheats nobody but yourself as it is the very routine and regularity of it that holds the key. What you are doing with all this is reaffirming your desire to choose healthier outcomes that support health and happiness and that positive signal to yourself gets stronger the more often you select a different pathway, at each fork in the road, to the one that embedded your chronic health condition. This may all sound too simple but really it is incredibly powerful!

What was most important, when I first set up my dance practice (long before even hearing about The Gupta Prorgam) was that I was choosing to use that dance practice as leverage to “re-engage with joy” and The Gupta Program is all about that (and very much more…but finding your way back to joy is right there at its very core). It is a wonderfully joyful process!

Starting that dance practice, which is now twice daily, was the beginning of a neuroplasticity mindset that led me to The Gupta Program because, by the beginning of this year, I had already seen what such a mindset could do. Because I noticed, from day one of doing it, that the newly opened pathway leading me back towards unconditional joy, using music and movement as my leader, was now where my entire energy field was headed, taking my health and happiness with it. I simply felt lighter, brighter and more optimisic in far too many ways to count and it was like rewinding the clock back on certain aspects of my health status whilst enabling me to stay out of faulty mindsets and constant worry thinking.

This is where The Gupta Program slotted in quite seamlessly since it does all of this and more, taking the process to a whole different level. Having experienced the effect before, with my dance practice, I was able to notice the similarity and to slip into the routine of The Gupta Program with relative ease. However, even if you haven’t had a daily routine or practice of any kind for years, it really doesn’t matters because The Gupta Program contains all you need and, whether you are able to move freely or are bed-bound, the full program is accessible to you with minor modifications. All I am trying to explain here, using the analogy of my dancing practice, is that I have already seen for myself the sheer power of creating positive new routines when it comes to cultivating neuroplasticity in order to heal from stuck-seeming conditions…and I can only begin to imagine how far I might have got in my recovery process by the time I have been on The Gupta Program for a full year!!

Now, my morning “power hour” (often more than an hour long…but I love it so the time flies) consists of a mix of energy medicine, yoga, meditation, Gupta Program retraining techniques and dance…and its powerful. However, let me reassure you, The Gupta Program alone is quite enough to carry you all the way (no dancing or yoga required). This just happens to be my personal, self-chosen, highly-resonant method for re-engaging with wonderful feelings in the body…and with The Gupta Program’s help, you will surely find yours too. The key is to tailor the routines to inspire the best posible feelings in your own life and then let the process work its magic…which it will.

What is most powerful is the practice of the Gupta routines themselves, all of which can be personalised and tweaked to fit into your routine and abilities. The program’s mantra is to stay “happy-go-lucky” and this is a sure-fire way of making sure your body will listen to, not resist, its material…because it is custom-made for you.

What is also so powerful is how deeply I have got to know all the various different parts of me, even though I thought I already knew (and had “tackled”) them all before during the many years of mindfulness and personal-development work but, nope, I hadn’t even begun. Now, I talk to my “parts” every morning, loving and coaching and supporting them towards a degree of cohesion and wholeness that can’t fail to look a lot like rapidly improving health, far more balance, not to mention a degree of self-resilience that far surpasses anything that I, for one, have ever experienced. The more I do the practices, the more I feel I know myself and can tackle anything. I can’t elaborate any more because that would be to divulge the program’s material but I can wholeheartedly assure you that it is powerful and effective and that anyone can use it!

There are so many factors to this program (it has been designed so very brilliantly by its creator, Ashok Gupta, who is the most affable and supportive coach you could wish for; his presentation of the program in all the quite exquisite videos is accessible and flawless) yet they all pull together seamlessly. The process itself is deeply enjoyable, soothing, a balm for the nerves of anyone who has trod the chronic health path (no doubt feeling “all alone”) for whetever length of time, even for those of us who have been on it for years or even decades and feel quite ingrained in our chronic conditions….yet this program is like a shaft of light breaking through from day one.

There is a real sense of making progress from very early on in the program, so that you feel able to relax and lean into it, trusting it to carry you along, as I did…dropping all other approaches to meditation and mindfulness until I had truly got to grips with these ones via an all-immersion approach, with which the weekly meet-ups by webinar are a very great help; so much so I have just re-enrolled for the next series. It is clearly apparent, from the community, that it is those retrainers (as we are called) who diligently immerse themselves in the practices, making them into a daily commitment, who go on to reap all the astonishing benefits of the program, walking themselves towards full recovery, and I intend to follow in their footsteps.

It really doesn’t matter what labels you have been using to describe your chronic health condition (it could be fribromyalgia, ME/CFS, MCS or even long-haul covid, for instance); if your health feels stuck then this program may well be the tool that could set you on the way to significant or even full recovery. In my case, I have several overlapping conditions (see my About section for the run-down) and I can vouch for how it is shifting and healing all of them at the same time and much more efficiently than any other method I have tried.

Really, I cannot imagine what would induce anyone with chronic health issues to walk past this program without giving it a try, which you can do for 28 days without any charge or commitment. By the same token, I struggle to imagine why anyone would not sign up for the full program once they have sampled even just a couple of the powerful, uplifting and deeply reassuring introductory videos (I signed up before completing my free month as I “just knew” it was the real deal) but, I would say, at least give it a try for the first month. Also please bear in mind that those early modules are just a hint at how cohesive and life-altering the full program is once you have run through all 15 modules for the first time (which is still just the beginning since the techniques get more and more effective the more you repeat, revise and use them as an ongoing commitment). It was somewhere around module 10 or 11 that I suddenly felt I was making one breakthrough after another and, since then, it has been (as I keep saying) a game changer or total reboot on my health and overal outlook. Just think, in three months you could be feeling as elated and optimistic as I am!

Now, I can’t imagine a day without following The Gupta Program’s daily practices, including the wonderful meditations (which I draw on whenever I need their support), so much so that I consider them a way of life and not just a “healing” objective. I doubt I will ever fully stop working with the techniques as I enjoy them so much and they hold the power to transform any situation I can think of, even those that are not entirely to do with health such as the kind of worries and overwhelm that are to do with “outside” circumstances.

In the last few weeks alone, I have used the program, to get myself through a much dreaded dental appointment and the milestone of having my first covid vaccination, neither of these being small-fry to someone who has a track record of over-reacting to interventions, mediations and vaccinations. My first chronic health conditions began after having a vaccination 17 years ago so you can probably imagine how fear-inducing this was for me. Dental appointments had a track-record of triggering me off into intense TMJ and facial pain, headaches and fatigue so I had become accustomed, over the years, to every appointment making a massive “dip” inevitable.

I can happily report that both of these hurdles were a breeze with no after-effects to speak of because I was able to use the program to calm my nervous system to such a high degree, breaking the cycle of my fear-thoughts and stepping towards a more positive outcome with such powerful effect, that I had no adverse side-effects ouside of my every-day range. Meanwhile, the very fact that I successfully tacked these two events, which had been profoundly worrying me for well over a year, and then feel pretty-darn great on the other side of them has given me such renewed confidence in my own health and resilience and is, thus, feeding straight back into the healing protocol itself.

This is how every day of using the program re-enforces the positive spiral towards not even just “better health” but possibly the best health of your entire life. That’s certainly how it now feels on my good days; and perhaps this could be your experience too. All it takes is, quite simply, the initial curiosity and then the commitment to explore the simple methods offered (not just for five minutes or a week and then dismiss them flippantly as though you have seen it all before but) fully, right to the end of the program and then repeat, integrating it with your daily life. Most people I have heard from (and I include myself now) really want to do this because, by the end of the first run-through, you already feel like a fresh new person, completely rebooted to feeling better (certainly, wiser and probably a lot less stressed) than before your chronic condition arose, so you have every incentive to want to continue being that way and build on it with more use of the program.

You can explore the program, sign up for a 28-day free trial, watch video-reviewers sharing recovery stories relating to a whole range of chronic conditions and read all about the science behind the program with nothing to loose and everything to gain.

As with any positive practice, once you commit, the rest takes care of itself because our highly neuroplastic bodies really do know how to heal themselves…they simply need nudging in the right direction!

Disclaimer: This blog, it’s content and any material linked to it are presented for autobiographical, anecdotal purposes only. They are not meant as advice. They are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing. The material and opinions shared are anecdotal and should not be considered to be medical advice or diagnosis. This article does not constitute a recommendation for the treatment or choices described and the effects related are my own anecdotes, not a prediction of how anyone else might respond. I do not advocate taking any of the supplements referred to or following any of the choices or steps outlined and suggest that you conduct your own enquiries with medical advisors. Please consult with a licensed healthcare professional if you have or suspect you might have a health condition that requires medical attention or before embarking on a new treatment plan.

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