Choosing to be vegetarian – an honest appraisal

Photo (c) Helen White

So far, I've not addressed the topic of how and why I became a vegetarian in this space though I've been meaning to for some time as its one of my great passions to have chosen this way and its had such a great impact on my health. As I come up to the three-year … Continue reading Choosing to be vegetarian – an honest appraisal

Super ways to power-up…and knowing when to use them!

Getting back into that mindset of 'yes, I can do the things I want' is a really BIG part of any recovery plan, one that exponentially delivers the return on this new and positive mindset in the form of the ever-increasing good health and expanded lifestyle that it delivers. Here's some superfood sources that may help you start the process of trusting that you are physically capable of doing all that you dream of doing in an ideal day.