24 September, 2022

(Relating to Let me share an example from my life) Hi Helen, ‘Let Me Share an Example from my Life’ is a trait I have. I have always thought that sharing a personal experience with a friend is supportive and shows empathy with their problem and didn’t consider that it could be seen as trying to shift the attention towards me. Your writing hit me like a bolt out of the blue and I really resonated with your experience. I have a son who is severely autistic and non-verbal. Since his diagnosis (25 years ago) I have studied the subject and worked with people with autism and often thought that I have some traits which I have (or so I thought) managed to cope with. Your writing has made me realise that the way I operate is not neurotypical even though I have tried hard to pretend that I am. Upon reflection I actually like who I am and if I am neurodivergent I am quite happy to be so. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. J