Is “gluten free”a distraction from health?

Is "gluten free" a distraction from health as suggested by this article? I think so; not that its a bad idea but its the way we go about it, focussing on the avoidance and not on what is actively most healthy for us to eat. There's such a core life lesson in this....a reminder to focus on what we DO want, to embrace what is POSITIVE for us, rather than being in resistance mode, avoiding what doesn't work.


The incredible benefits of sole

For coming up a year now, I've been drinking a glass of sole in the mornings to start off my day and I wouldn't be without it. Seems no coincidence to me that sol(e) = sun; after all, we are all of the sun and sol is a very near-match to the exact mineral balance … Continue reading The incredible benefits of sole

The bread of life

If Fibromyalgia or similar long-term health challenge is part of your experience, its likely that you also experience some degree of food intolerance as the two seem to cross over so very often. In my own case, I have gradually come to notice (and acknowledge) in myself a degree of intolerance to gluten; and then to recognise … Continue reading The bread of life