Heart offerings

All of the material shared so liberally on this site is offered freely, along with my considerable time spent compiling it in such a way that I hope to make it accessible (better still, like a beacon of light) to those on similar journeys. I eagerly offer my support…and prompt responses…to those who contact me on related matters and a great many people have been in touch to say they have been encouraged or even profoundly altered by my shared experiences. Without expectation, I gift all of the many treasures of this journey to my readers…infused with love.

16qrjudizne-chris-enseyOne of the things I have learned on this path is that it is the giving to others that is the most healing thing I can do for myself. To keep this energy moving from one person to another, please pass on my website to others you think it might inform or uplift. Likewise, if you have benefitted from anything that I have offered, please consider making a donation (no matter what size; all received with such immense gratitude) to help support my continued work as a writer, artist and uplifter of souls. There is a book in the pipeline and anyone gifting their financial support will be on the top of the list for receiving a special launch offer once it is published.

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