What matters?

When something is really important to you, its incredible how you can make things be the way you want them to be. I mean, the other morning, for instance, I woke with several fibromyalgia triggers going off at once including very widespread body pain, the beginning of a migraine headache and interstitial cystitis. In the old days, all of that would have meant stopping everything and scrubbing any plans that I had for my day, but not this time.

On this day, I was excited to be going to my second Nia dance class (more coming on that soon) and nothing was going to keep me from it; nothing – it was completely non-negotiable! So, instead of the big coddle, I got up extra early, did some gentle yoga, had a short sauna, showered and still had an hour left to relax gently into a leisurely breakfast before it was time to leave for my 10 o clock session. Carried on a wave of enthusiasm and sheer determination, I did my class and it was great; in fact, I felt so much better for it and my morning flare-up passed through like a flash rain shower replaced by clear blue skies.

This just goes to show a truism of life in action; one that applies to all of us and everything  going on around us – which is that what matters to us is everything; the things that we consider to be most important to us become the very building blocks, the “matter”, of our world. Just knowing this and seeing it in action is like obtaining the golden key to any recovery process.

photo-1414637104192-f9ab9a0ee249When the heart gets involved and something really matters to us, we bring it into form, we manifest it, we make it happen. This goes way beyond just wishing or longing or hoping because it is far more super-powered than that; coming, as it does, in the form of a righteous demand that things be the way we choose them to be and the proviso that we will accept nothing less than our heart’s desire. When we focus our intentions on an outcome like that –  laser-like, unwavering and (best of all) excitement-filled – its as though we pull matter out of the potential soup of the whole universe. We get to manifest what matters most to us because it was already matter in the first place; in the creative fires of our own imagination. We first set the intention by identifying what matters to us and then the building-blocks of matter follow suit.

There was a time when I avoided making plans, almost avoided life itself because my “symptoms” seemed far too unpredictable to plan around; the way I felt when I woke in the morning could dismantle almost any plans I had made. Not so anymore! Tomorrow, I have plans to be somewhere very particular and I seriously can’t wait; nothing is going to stop me doing what I have planned and the fact that this matters so much to me will see me right in the morning.

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