Know thyself!

Getting to know yourself is, in my opinon, the single most important thing you ever get to do in your life...and its often a golden key to all those other unfathomables that may be "going on", such as persistent health issues. Above all, depathologising the way you were made is an essential step to discovering the sense of wholeness and peace in your life that may have so far eluded you.

Impressionable: a breakthrough in working with super-sensitivity

At the risk of this sounding like an over generalisation, it seems to me that neurotypical people mostly take in their impressions of the world through their heads and their fingertips whereas, as someone with Asperger’s (and I have read about this trait a lot in Aspie accounts), I seem to take in my impressions … Continue reading Impressionable: a breakthrough in working with super-sensitivity

Its not your fault, you aren’t doing anything wrong…

Lets get this straight - when you have fibromyalgia or any other chronic issue going on, you are no more broken, missing the point, off-track, lost, wrong, misguided, less-than, flawed or misaligned than the next person. It was nothing that you did or didn't do that "caused" this and, no, expressing (truly) how you feel about it is not halting your progress on some imagined journey to wholeness on which you feel you've got to pretend its all "great" along the way. Imagine if you are already there - fully aligned with your highest purpose, exactly where you are meant to be - and are allowed to feel all that stuff, to say it like it is - warts and all - and to give voice to everything that is going on for you, without apology or fear of consequences - how self-loving is that? From that place (where you already are), you can dump all the self-blame, the finger-pointing and, yes, the inner chastisement that stops you from feeling, allowing and EXPRESSING it all, including all the frustration, the disappointment, the unspeakable pain that halts you in your tracks when you want to be dancing. Maybe, just maybe, that's where the biggest gift of them all is awaiting you - as you unleash the voice that wants to say it exactly like it is in this perfectly imperfect moment of now!