Do it for you

There is a level (and its the fourth dimension, where ideas about ourselves become reality...) where we have to be fully prepared to heal, at a moments notice, and no "ifs" and "buts" about what that leaves us holding in our hands or who we would let down or leave behind when all we have been for a number of years simply vanishes as if it was never even there. Its only once we are fully accepting of this possibility and all its ramifications, as laid in front of us on the table of all potential, that it can get even close to us (though this is the territory of spontaneous remission so allow some excitement to come into it since this is its very rocket fuel). If you are serious about this, you have to feel into what it is that is keeping you attached to this thing that has so-long defined you and make sure you are 100 per cent happy to let it go...and this can take some serious amounts of inner probing but once those sacks of ballast are identified, you can find yourself in an upward spiral that will blow you away and leave others watching you with their jaw-dropped.

Amplify the good stuff

What if we're not failing at anything but pioneering? What if everything that challenges us (spoken especially in the context of health...but this could be whatever feels like your biggest sticking point) is just indication that we are already straddling paradigms and forging new territory that is as expansive as it is upredictable compared to everything that we thought we knew; there are simply no side to push off anymore and that can be a bewildering experience to get used to at first. What if the things that feel really stuck, scary even, are the result of a moment's hesitation in a quantum reality that can't quite get to grips (yet) with just how unlimited everything really is. Regarded from a place of empowerment and mastery, not vain and desperate optimism, the knowing that your focus is everything and exactly what is called for to direct this "new" biology that you are pioneering is absolutely everything; perhaps all you will ever need!