Migraine as the primal scream of the suppressed feminine

The heat that comes up in the mature woman reaching her power-phase can feel like a primal scream trying to gain our attention...for that is what it is. It reminds us of a time before child rearing, before strict gender roles, before many of the constructs we have turned into the hardest expectations, rules and limitations of our man-made culture....Exploring the portal that can present as pain and which is really our biggest oportunity yet; individually and as a whole.

Recovery is organic

When health recovery is allowed to be organic, a journey that is as worthy as any destination, it equips you with a vast workshop of life-tools that enables you to fine-tune your own experience like never before. Nothing is ever lost or wasted and, you realise, you can always go back, can experiment, can venture further off track (in all aspects of life) than you ever thought possible in your wildest dreams; in short, life becomes unlimited and you learn something very important to know - that you are utterly unique and that no one can create your best experience of this life but you; this is one hundred per cent your journey. So you explore, you play, you recalibrate, you do it your way (and nobody else), you learn to trust yourself, you just know what to do next and you feed the good-nutrients of all the experience you have gathered into the roots of you next best experience, which is the ultimate in organic living. With all this painstaking attention to detail, you express your own worth in every moment; your sheer willingness to get your hands dirty, to pick up the pen and sign the dotted line to take responsibility for your own wellbeing, right down to every brass tack in your body, is the ultimate act of self-love. That's when things really start to happen...