Fibromyalgia in review

There is no one approach to fibromyalgia, it has to be a multi-system approach but this recap of what I know, with the help of a webinar I watched yesterday, has been a really big help in summarising all the key points and gaining some real clarity. Also for checking in with any approaches that need a little boosting and I also hope it might help anyone else who could do with a review.

Rigor mortis

Why does the kind of stiffness that can be likened to rigor mortis occur in the body of someone with fibromyalgia; are there any clues why that could happen in a living-breathing person? Rigor "stiffness" mortis "of death" says it all is a condition of death so what makes it appear within life for just so many people, resulting in a kind of half-life. I had been here before but this time I wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery...

Taking a breather

In many ways, looking back at 2017, it looks like I did or "achieved" next to nothing (and I'm not the only person to be saying this) and yet...sometimes, when we take a breather, its the most important thing we can be doing. Some thoughts on some of the powerful things that I feel I got out of a the long slow breath of 2017; perhaps you too.

What if something is going very right?

I’m feeling torn (more each day) between wanting to share useful tips, minor successes and new research in this space to help others along the bewildering recovery path and yet, increasingly, wanting to shed the whole mindset of ‘recovery’ and ‘illness’, of ‘symptoms’ and ‘disease’. This topic is leaden, innocuous and persistent, these very mindsets hold us in a place of considering ourselves as having ‘something go wrong’ as soon as we use that old terminology (and if you don't know what I mean, just try visiting a doctor without, at some level, noticing that you somehow feel worse for having had to label what you are experiencing). At the same time, I am deeply uncomfortable with the mindset of pretending that there is no pain, no physical challenge, when the experience of these can be extremely invasive, alarming and quite impossible to ignore. Instead, though I advocate that we talk ever-more openly about all the practical steps that we can take to support our bodies through these things (as I do in this space), which is how we go to meet the reality that we intend to manifest for ourselves, I believe that this is the most potent of all when partnered with a deeper knowing that all is well and everything is happening for our highest evolution. If we can just know - and I mean deeply know - that everything is alright rather than falling into catastrophic thinking and 'illness' mentality; if we can allow that, through these transitions in our cells, we are escorting in something extremely new and marvellous, something to get excited then I just know transformation can be realised as a living and breathing reality in our experience.

Fibromyalgia – a story of self-recovery

If healing is a return to wholeness, then loss of good health is the ultimate fragmentation of the self; a state, made manifest, of something much deeper occurring on the inside. Ten years ago, my health crashed in the most spectacular way. Across the decade since that time, I find been have steadily regathering all of the scattered parts of myself and putting them back together in such a way that I now find I am much more than the sum of my parts. This is my journey - shared.