Hand-picking your support team

When you scanĀ and tune into how all the various people in your life "see" you, what do you get and how does it mirror your own highest sense of self? Do they closely match or not even get close? Do those people really know that most extraordinary "you" that is online with some serious aspirations … Continue reading Hand-picking your support team

Transforming Epstein-Barr…an update

Revisiting this topic a year on during a (now rare) flare-up of Epstein-Barr symptoms, it feels like a great time to talk about all the massive health improvements achieved in that year through some new approaches to healing what can feel most stuck; not least via Anthony William The Medical Medium's amazing book which deserves another shout-out for being just so nail-on-the head with my experiences. If you have a so-called "unshiftable" chronic illness going on, this post is for you!