As the sun hots up

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I was about to share about this new sunspot yesterday while I felt it growing and crackling with life but now I see its already in the conversation (it was announced as a milestone event by Elizabeth Peru earlier today). Can you feel it?

This is the BIGGEST and most active sunspot of new cycle 25 so far, which first spluttered into very tentative life in May 2019 (felt it!) but officially kicked-off around December of last year (really felt it!!), yes, about the same time the covid virus started spreading. Fascinating how transitions into new solar cycles and pandemics have often synchronised, going all the way back (and beyond?) to the Black Death or Spanish Flu. When these clear-outs followed by growth spurts happen, we probably all FEEL THEM in our bodies, whether or not we acknowledge them consciously.

Scientists have now demonstrated that our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) registers space events, geomagnetic variables and alterations in the Schumann resonance “as they happen” in a way that seems oddly pre-emptive if we are strict believers in linearity, as in thinking that a solar wind has to “reach us here on Earth” to feel it; nope, science is finally catching on to how subtle atmospherics register to our biology in no-time, as these bursts, peaks and shifts ripple the fabric of our energetic reality. In other words, some of us know about solar events at the very moment they occur, like a quantum twin, but many more of us register the effect in our bodies, even without knowing what it is that whacks us out with sudden knee-buckling exhaustion, a particularly bad mood, ant-crawling or tingly skin, unquenchable thirst or a blinding migraine (to name but a few traits shared amongst the solar-sensitive).

Especially so for those of us who are highly sensitive or empathic, or those who have a highly activated ANS, perhaps even a mast cell activation syndrome that takes its cues from subtle atmospheric changes (try having both like me, its really “fun” when your body reacts so dramatically to something you can’t even see). Whether or not we realise we are feeling something occur at these times, our bodies up-tempo, we throw off the old, we make shifts, we reboot…assuming we don’t buckle under the enhanced pressure that seems to come from “nowhere”. So, which one do you choose?

For me, its an absolute given that solar cycles have an impact on how we feel; because, in my case, the correlation between my health ups-and-downs and activities of the sun, also those of the Schumann resonance, became completely undeniable during cycle 24. This was when, and how, I came to be interested in Heart Rate Variation (HRV) and yet to learn about it is not to be the passive observer, as the Institute of Heart Math has long asserted, but to become more masterful at working with the incredible way we are all wired as a living microcosm of the universe. We all get to play a part in boosting our own heart coherence when we, consciously, practice being in such a state (to meditate is to do just that, though its not all about meditation); as in, our own HRV can be made all the more resilient through our efforts to maintain a state of mindfulness and calm, to sweep smoothly and effortlessly between the highs and lows, whatever seems to be playing out in and around us.

As that last sun cycle taught me, even if our bodies seem to be registering nothing but increased exhaustion, anxiety, pain, flare-ups, allergies, etc, at those times when things get especially active, we can still get to choose to run with the new growth momentum, to over-ride the automatic reactions and instil a little bit of spiritual optimism…our choice, and one that can tweak the outcome significantly so that, instead of feeling the victim of something far bigger than us, we are riding the reboot momentum right alongside it; such a powerful opportunity.


Article Solar Activity on the Rise 29th Oct 2020: “While we see that sunspot region 2778 is singing its last song as it decays, brand new neighboring sunspot region 2779 had a proper breakfast this morning and is growing at a rapid rate. While both sunspot regions are rotating away from Earth towards the west limb, it is nonetheless interesting to see the development in sunspot region 2779 over a time period of just 12 hours. At the moment there is even a minor delta structure to be found in sunspot region 2779 where two umbra of opposite polarity can be found within the same penumbra. It feels like years ago since we last talked about delta regions so lets refresh your memory: delta structures are often a necessity for strong solar flares to occur. We wont shout from the roofs right now that we are going to get major solar flares from sunspot region 2779 but if it develops the way it does now we should see more C-class solar flares today and even a small M-class solar flare can not be ruled out.”

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