Like having your cake and eating it

It’s the same comment every time we get back from London…how does anyone go there everyday, let alone live there!

If you’re highly sensitive and/or have chronic fatigue, you won’t need me to qualify this observation; you’ll just know what I mean. Its not just the crowds, the grime, the unseen electric pollution of the big city…its the emotion soup plus an energy of relentless “grab and snatch” that gets to you and leaves you feeling depleted, like you have been pummelled, bashed and trampled by a hoarde of complete strangers. So I’ve long wondered this thing about coping since, for me, a day there usually wipes the floor with me for even up to a week and can be a precarious trade-off for a few hours of enjoyment.

Yet I just spent the whole weekend in London for a concert and a chance to have a mini-break with my husband and, this time, I did cope…remaining grounded and balanced to such a high degree I enjoyed every single moment and didn’t become crashed-out exhausted, didn’t have to make compromises and didn’t fall in a heap when I got back home last night (far from it; I was in high spirits all weekend, continuing). Yes, I was fully present (more so than ever, noticing everything, even some of the shitty stuff…yet not having to fly out of the body just to deal with the situation, as I used to do) but I didn’t feel drawn into it all; which used to feel like the price I paid for being more in the body. For the most part, I was able to remain curious and observant, like watching a pantomime for which I had the programme in my hand so there were no real surprises, plus I was able to talk to other people and be truly engaged there when the moment felt right.

The least grounded part was Oxford Street, its bigger-better-more hungry materialism gobbling at our feet as we walked past all the shops (we both felt it; like we had to hover over those uber-crowded pavements, which felt like being chopped off at the knees for a few minutes) yet I also noticed how I was recovered, even feeling stronger for having shown myself how I could, just as soon as I turned a corner into a quieter street. In fact, my confidence has received such a boost from this weekend. Demonstrating to myself that I can hold my own frequency, regardless of what is going on at such close quarters, was a test of my physical integrity and came back with a glowing report of how I’m becoming more physically robust, every day.

As someone who is highly electro-sensitive, I noticed nonetheless that I could sleep easily in my hotel room this time around, no sleep-aids required; that I could cope with using my mobile phone for directions; that I could sit elbow-to-elbow with other people with live phones in their hands (yes I could feel them; but I wasn’t compromised) and carry on as normal.  This is ENTIRELY NEW for me!  The only small problem I had was when the huge television screen in the dining room over breakfast, on a wall to the right side of me, seemed to be sending thrusting, pulsating signals straight into my right eye nerve, fogging my vision so much I could no longer read the menu and triggering the start of a migraine, so I had to ask to move tables. Nobody else in there seemed to be aware and yet it was as though I could see the energy pulsations coming out of that monster screen like powerful laser beams. As soon as I moved tables, I was fine.

I’m also discovering that the thing I’ve been working on for some time, the power-up (a bit like a power nap but it doesn’t necessary require that I go to sleep or even be on my own) is becoming so effective that just a couple of minutes being centred with myself, doing some energy exercises, can feel like a couple of hours lying down.

What’s the difference? Well, it’s quite clear to me, way above any other excuses, that I’m simply much more grounded in my body now. Its been that whole concerted effort of my last few months, written about copiously in my other posts, that’s led to me being able to stabilise inside of my body and become more “merged” with my physical self instead of “out there” somewhere, trying to find somewhere precarious to land. Yes, the body is always the best place but that involves both the physical and energy bodies being in good working order; and mine are finally getting there at last, following a year of dietary and other methods. I’m far less spatially clumsy and I’m much more stable and responsive on my feet than before; plus I’m so much stronger thus capable of long-exertion, even when there are triggers all around me, especially in the legs. The very thoughts that go through my head are much more grounded, I notice; and I’m aware of having access to both the detailed-specific responses to circumstance as well as the grand overview in any situation, simultaneously.

It’s also to do with self-protection, the awareness that I need to take responsibility for my own boundary setting and so I do that now, all the time, using energy self-defense visualisations that keep my own territory in good order, even as I walk down a shoulder-to-shoulder street (see Highly Sensitive resources for useful reading matter). On this topic, there’s no doubt in my mind that these improvements are also to do with my AuraTransfromation (AT), which is why I’m noticing a very different experience of being human, over the last few months, than anything that went before. Why, after all, would we even consider that the body was taking a hit, just from being in a busy environment, if we didn’t also consider the aura – our energy body; yet most people concede they feel tired after such circumstances. If everything was about the physical-visible layer of what was happening, we wouldn’t feel so depleted, just because of crowds and things happening to other people, unless it was actually touching or happening to us, right? We’re so much more than just that; we’re all aware of everything going on around us, even the subtle and unseen, which is why cities can be so hard on those who are already extra sensitive (or becoming so…which is just a matter of becoming more aware of what is already going on beneath the surface); in which case the state of our aura is of primary importance to us and an AT is the repair of all repairs.

The other thing that supported me over the weekend was the use of CBD to mitigate any over-reactions of the nervous system (I know, I keep promising a post on CBD oil but I haven’t got around to it yet as I have so much to say on the topic). In short, the regular use of CBD has changed my life; no exaggeration, giving me the confidence of having this portable and entirely natural, harmless and non-addictive rescue remedy in my bag whilst also reminding my body how to get there all by itself (thus I’m finding I need it far less often than when I started almost a year ago).

Also, I’ve helped myself by…quite literally…developing a thicker skin, since much of what used to affect me was due to the sensitivity of my much-depleted skin to everything in my environment, from fumes, chemicals, perfumes etc to EMFs, radiation from cellular devices and a lot more besides (all that energetic stuff, as above). My transformed diet (not least, following the Medical Medium‘s advice) and daily care practices have helped to rebuild that skin-layer over the last few months through great nutrition and the fact my body is so obviously absorbing nutrients more efficiently; daily celery juice has been key. If you have ever suffered from what look like actual burn marks on the skin and patches of dryness or irritation that nothing ever seems to resolve, you will know what I mean in this respect; our physical protective layer starts to look a lot like our tattered aura when we have lost all our protection due to how tough life has been for so long. Once your new diet starts to take effect and you do the energetic work to support yourself, you can gain a foothold on making those physical repairs and they last for much longer. Two things I heartily recommend are colloidal oat cream (brilliant for reconstituting the skin, returning it to good health so it can hold moisture where, before, it was just flaking off in certain mystery patches….but try to find one without parabens) and also liquid silica as a supplement. Keeping the skin well hydrated all the time when you are in the city, both inside (though drinking plenty of good quality water; always carry some in your bag) and oat cream after every shower, replenished again before going out, is essential.

One more thing I always notice that takes a hit from time spent in highly dense EMFs is my eye-health. By the end of our weekend, both of us felt like we had been punched in the eye-sockets (not helped by extra pollution in all the traffic) and my vision was pretty poor, requiring that I used my glasses far more than usual, even today. This is due to the additional strain put onto the optic nerve by lighting, cellular and other pulsating electricity sources (who knows what is in or around your hotel room, coming off fridges and transformers etc.), especially if not used to it…and especially in the case of women of a certain age as depleted oestrogen doesn’t help to keep the myelin sheath in top-notch condition. So keeping to my usual supplement regime – lions mane mushroom, omega 3s, spirulina, etc – is important to me when I travel. I also carry eyebright drops and use an eyebright gel that can be applied to both eyelid and under the eyes to speed the recovery process; and try to keep off uneccessary technology until they feel more comfortable again.

So, I find myself back home after a non-stop weekend and I’m not only fine, I’m in great spirits, excited by what a wonderful time we had and already looking forward to next time. This is so entirely new to me…you have no idea how much this is a new thing….that its like finding myself in a new body. Yes, I’m a little tired today and plan to take it easy whilst doing some aftercare; but, the thing that occurs to me most is, this must be something like what it feels like to be a “normal” person who doesn’t have high-sensitivity or any physical challenges to compromise their enjoyment of life. Wow!

That aftercare, for me, consists of extra sleep and time-out (of course), infrared sauna (I can’t tell you how powerful these are at cleaning the body of toxins but, if you don’t have one, at least take a long soak in a bath and wash your hair thoroughly after a city trip, preferably before you go to bed), gentle movement (yoga and walking), green juices (glad to be back to my celery juice regime) and plenty of fluids. I always put all of my clothes straight in the laundry basket and start afresh. The use of essential oils (which I carried around with me all weekend as a survival kit – doTERRA roll-ons are a godsend) can help you to recover equilibrium so much quicker; I have on the Balance blend today. I never plan much after a trip away and I won’t expect too much of myself for the next few hours, which is a gift I offer to my body as the prize for being so utterly supportive of me when I really needed it in “the fray”.

The one thing I haven’t mentioned is food and, I guess, you could say I took care of that before we even set off on our trip – as being a gluten/free vegan always requires that I do. So we stayed in our home-from-home vegan hotel, which took care of breakfast, and I planned a route of eating places for both of our days, taking the opportunity to try out two new vegan/gluten-free restaurants – Redemption Bar in Notting Hill and The Wild Food Cafe in Islington – with the reliable vegan soup at Pret a Manger on standby for meals on the fly. All of our weekend gastronomy was absolutely wonderful, some of the best meals we’ve had, plus I also had doTERRA’s DigestZen supplements in my bag for backup. When I got any aches or pains from the amount of walking we were doing from place-to-pace, plus a few hours in a theatre, I had my best friend doTERRA Deep Blue lotion near at hand too…and if this is starting to sound like a doTERRA advert, it’s simply because I’m finding their products second to none whilst meeting my “all-natural” criteria.

Something about sticking to your “it needs to be natural” standards is a support-system in itself when you are in the city or, in fact, anywhere away from home. Refusing to drop your standards and eat fried foods and other junk just because it’s all around you will support you very well on the hoof; as I’ve been finding for quite a while but, this time, I was able to take it to a whole new level. The combined effect of being so grounded in my body then supporting that body to be at its very best ensured that I felt like I had my own  portable eco-system with me, whilst walking around in all the mayhem of other people’s stuff. As a recovering highly sensitive (in the sense it was beginning to seriously inhibit my life choices and now it isn’t), I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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