Food as frequency

Diving in on the assumption that my readers know I talk about the current era as one of evolutionary transition (see footnote below), I want to talk about how my relationship with food has evolved, and revealed itself more fully, over the course of a lifetime. We live in shape-shifting times and our relationship with food has been made, at once, overly simplistic and yet vastly too complicated by our modern culture when really, it all comes down to one thing…frequency.

When you start to evolve your body’s operating system, as we all do when we first tune into these evolutionary impulses, it can feel a lot like having an electric car and yet all the service stations for miles around sell only petrol and diesel. Your body can start to flay around in desperate search of higher-frequency energy sources and, in the interim, can latch on to some less-than-ideal substitutions from our present day environment; even more likely if you are a child at the time, thus reliant on the older generation for your food choices, since these evolutionary impulses generally reach the younger generations first; only percolating down to those who are more open to change later. This can manifest as what seems like “fussiness” or even allergies amongst children when really they are simply not resonating with the way their parents eat because they already sense that their needs are quite different.

Two human operating system shifts have taken place over the last five decades, from the old or “soul” OS to the indigo and now crystal systems, though we are now in a time of overlap, where there are currently people with all three systems living side by side (hence so much diverse opinion around the matter of food).

From the indigo OS onwards (again, see footnote for approx. timings), our required energy sources start to look a lot more like frequency than molecules; thus we rely less on food itself, you could say, than the level of frequency that the food releases into the body.

Under the old OS, we mulched our way through so much protein, much of it meat-based, and so many dense, heavily oily and innutritious foods; our choice being all about substance, like we would look for wood rather than paper to feed a fire but it didn’t matter what sort of wood, any would do to keep it going. We understood this as “feeding the furnace” of our own body engine yet it was really the act of eating that generated the energy, most of the time. This made the careful choice of what food to eat almost beside the point (which suited the era we were in, food often being scarce or limited in its variety according to location), since we could get away with being much more careless about what we ate than we can get away with now. It was all that mulching and processing through the dense layers of food, to get to all the hidden nutrients (if there actually were any…) that acted like a dynamo on a bike; thus the more we consumed, and the more time-consuming and convoluted it was to break it all down, the more energy we generated. This way, we could virtually eat anything and it would generate some kind of energy in the body; enough to keep our more primitive OS going…which is just how things were until forty or fifty years ago. So when older people complain that we didn’t have to think about vitamins, fat avoidance, calories etc “back in the day”, food was “just food”, they are right, in a sense.

This way of eating, which was relatively successful for thousands of years, caused us to think it was the piling of these particular fuel-sources into the body’ s fire that kept the engine going when really it was all the body’s labour involved in constantly shovelling and processing whatever we ate through the digestive tract into the cells that generated the energy to keep us alive. Unfortunately, this method can become like the furnaces of Hades, always requiring more fuel to be shovelled onto them, which is the same as a situation where the factory exists only to fuel the factory; jobs created so people will consume what the factory makes. People go out to work their whole lives in order to earn money to buy more “stuff” which then has to be made and they have to keep making it to earn more money to buy the “stuff”, which is the whole outmoded nonsense of the “live-to-work” paradigm in a nutshell. Round and round, like a self-justifying merry-go-round, it goes…until the engine breaks down, or somebody asks “what’s the point?” and shatters the paradigm.

Once you get into the indigo energies and beyond, the logic of this starts to feel “off” and so, as more people tuned into these new possibilities, we had the vegetarian and “calorie counting diet” waves amongst indigo-types from the late ‘60s onwards, spinning into so many other fitness diets and other fads. Calorie counting was sort-of on the right track since at least it was the very start of looking at food as energy and yet, in becoming a fad, it went completely off piste, became extreme, obsessional and more about image than health, thus losing its original purpose. Most of these new fads simply broke down different food groups and, one by one, spent time arguing that this one was good versus that one was bad, which is a process that has dominated the eating industry for the past 30 years now and still continues in many circles. In its way, it became yet another merry-go-round and one which many people fell off in despair, since they never felt any healthier because they were entirely missing the point; that it was all about finding their highest-tolerated food frequency to support the next stage in their evolution.

The crystal energies get straight to the point when it comes to realising this. In this territory, we know that energy can come from a vegetable or a piece of meat….but….we sense that the frequency of the vegetable is very high (especially so if its organic and has been handled with best intentions all down the line to your door; ideally by the most direct route and with the least transportation or packaging possible) whereas the frequency of the meat is brought way-down low by the process involved in the farming and slaughter of the animal. It doesn’t matter how long that cow spent standing in a field absorbing sunshine, munching grass in a contented way if its end was still the same; a horror shop of trauma, riddled with the low-frequency vibe of one species asserting heinous levels of control over another!

Also, the crystal body is all about high frequency, including blinding speeds, and so the quicker you can gain access to the frequency of the energy source, the more optimally the body works. Believe me, when you crystallise you start to engage with the food as soon as you are thinking about it, near it, holding it, smelling it and, if you are attentive, you will notice your body telling you whether it’s the right food for you to consume or that you should put it down before it drops your vibration. Therefore, optimal cooking time (probably very little; just enough to release the energy more swiftly from the food source, whilst keeping its high-frequency codes intact) is what we tend to gravitate towards once the body crystallises. Some people embrace the raw diet for this reason although, especially in the body-system of anyone who was previously of the indigo or soul OS, this can send the entrained body mechanisms back into the ultimately vibration-lowering cycles of having to endlessly mulch through dense fibres to process these raw foods through the digestive system, thus generating fierce levels of cellular furnace-heat rather than quickly accessing  those nutrients as pure frequency; in fact, those nutrients seem to get lost in the body fire. This is why many people find that, when everything in their diet is raw, they end up with sore stomachs and crashed energy systems due to increased inflammation and the return of the very health issues they were hoping to tackle. It can feel as though we have tried to feed a piece of wood into a photocopy machine and it got jammed before blowing up the machinery; and in those cases, we generally need to process the food a little first, though maybe that will alter in due course (but lets not run before we can walk).

None of this “food as frequency” stuff was known or even hinted at back in my 1970s childhood where I was being told, according to the family mantra, to eat up my roast beef and fed sweet treats several times a day. When my first OS leap occurred as a child of about eight or nine, my newly indigo operating system scanned for the highest and quickest released frequencies out of all of that “typical” 1970s diet; and landed on the sugar!

Sugar is an enigma in so many ways but, when you look at it as frequency, you start to gain some sense out of it. In my case, I can’t tolerate cane sugar at all; and not even other sugars, such a coconut, when they are turned into crystals. Yet I can eat coconut syrup in moderation and get on just fine with date syrup or dates in general; just not sweeteners that have been processed through very high temperatures and pressure, which feels like a throw-back to the way food was prepared for the old body operating system. Once I had rid myself of all traces of refined sugar, I was once again able to process some fruit without crashing since my system was no longer suspicious of fructose, as it became when my health was most struggling, and so fruit and veg are my primary sources of sugar these days; and most essential these are too. Yet there is something about the harshness (or not) of the process that makes the frequency very different between these various sugar sources; the most direct sources always being the best or highest-frequency.

When you are an energy sensitive, you notice things according to energy groups rather than matching exteriors. Instinctively, I have come to notice how three things affect me pretty-much the same. They are refined sugar, cellular technology and the very abrasive energy of certain people when they are being uber-masculine and almost bare-faced aggressive in their determination to get their own way. All three of these hit my body field with near-identical symptoms, including a massive rise in temperature to almost instant furnace heat, followed by a monumental energy crash. The irony is, my body seems to welcome these frequencies in at first exposure, hungrily; almost like an addiction, because of the relatively high frequency energies they are associated with (think “sugar high” and how we nearly all have experiences of being addicted to toxic personalities, not to mention our phones). Yet the fact I can get a sugar crash from wi-fi, mobile phones and especially bluetooth and also from proximity or dealings with “certain frequency” people has taught me something about important about the frequency of energy. This is something we all need to familiarise ourselves with as we go through the next era in our collective evolution since this planet is being subjected to some very intense waves of high-frequency energy right now; and, in my experience, mixing up more than one exposure at once can tip the cellular body over its limit. I would rather ready myself for the next evolutionary wave than fill myself up with toxic levels of artificial highs from trivial and distractionary sources.

These three things I have listed share, in my opinion, a very similar effect upon human frequency, anchoring us to a certain bandwidth (which is not to say they have the exact same frequency as each other…). In energetic terms,  they presumably put energy forwards at a high number of cycles per second; being faster than more everyday experiences, which is why we get such a kick out of a sugar treat or a fix using our mobile phone every few minutes (as most people do), even from creating drama in our lives as we do when we put ourselves next to toxic people who stir up a storm. Take these things away from most people and they feel flat, bored, frustrated….just watch the younger generation lash-out when you even try to sugegst such a thing. So, yes, they are relatively high frequency generating experiences, compared to what is “normal” yet, a bit like how high beta frequency waves in the brain are associated with very high stress levels in humans and yet gamma waves, which are an even higher frequency again, make us feel sublime, these particular frequencies seem to be at the top floor of some sort of teetering skyscraper for many people and can tip them right over the edge if endured for too long, which is where sudden stress and other health crashes come from.

What I believe our bodies are really craving, when they gobble these high-octane energies up, is something higher frequency still…yet out there somewhere beyond that transitory stress zone (high beta frequencies are in the range 30-40Hz, gamma ranges from about 40hz upwards). Yet, because these energy substitutes were the familiar “quick-fix” energy sources of my childhood, probably yours too, there is a level where the body recognises and gives “pass” to these versions of high-frequency, allowing them access to our energy field as an urgent means to refuel our ever-more demanding, rapidly evolving, higher-frequency than ever human operating system. Our challenge…to consciously evolve our search for a high-frequency energy sources up a level; towards something more direct and, you could say, more pure thus fit for highly-evolved purpose.

Recognising this was a HUGE understanding for me since it allowed me to recognise my own investment in exposures that weren’t good for me and which have resulted in some of my most problematic sensitivities. Now, I avoid all three of the above and it has made my life a lot easier; my health and energy levels are much more stable. Going forwards, the far more optimal crystal body of the future, which will be pretty standard in a decade or two, will have identified certain alternate sources for high-frequency energy so that the body no longer defaults to these poor substitutes. Further down my own line of exploration, I nurture every hope of no longer being sensitive to these less-than-ideal energy sources whenever exposed to them (as of course I will be, especially cellular), since my replete energy system will have had its tanks replenished by other, far more high-frequency, means before I even come into contact.

Of course food is the obvious source of your crystal energy supply, and I refer you to the books of Anthony William “Medical Medium” for a wonderful overview of the kinds of foods that will support you, going forwards. Following his food protocol…in ways that my body can deal with, so not to the absolute letter…has coincided with a massive drop in certain symptoms such as chemical and constant electrical sensitivities, IBS and brain fog so I am eternally grateful for it. One hiccough I have found with his advice is that I have struggled with being able to provide my body with adequate energy to cease the cycle of “crashes” using primarily fruit. Especially if I make my breakfast entirely juice and fruit based, I find I crash repeatedly throughout the day and, thus, can’t seem to gain a foothold on any of his cleansing diet plans for more than that one day at a time; the first meal of the day being just so important in the way I stabilise my energy onwards. I can’t help noticing how his rave reviewers tend to be of an age where they will have been born with an indigo OS (most are in their twenties and thirties) and so this got me thinking; is this difficulty I have to do with my body’s leap between so many operating systems in one lifetime? Is he writing for a different audience than for me, as a 50+ year-old woman (although he does discuss menopause symptoms)? How can one size fit all across two or more different energy OSs? And what about my own spirit guide (which is built-in to my body now, as is the case for the crystal body, so I must trust its guidance over anybody else’s spirit guidance); what does that have to tell me, direct, via my own intuition on the matter?

It struck me, after experiencing a day during which I attempted to follow the diet plan yet almost blacked-out and had quite a frightening, disorienting, episode on my walk (it was a high-energy day with a surge in the Schumann resonance but the fact I attempted just juice and fruit for breakfast followed by a salad lunch felt like a contributing factor) that these problems relate to being in transition between one energy operating system and another. This, I suspect, could be a sticking point with a “one-size-fits-all” diet plan if you are currently evolving from soul to indigo, indigo to crystal or even, like me, you are more than three decades old and sampling your third distinct OS of a lifetime. In such cases, the body holds onto way too much memory of what energy sources “should” look like from an earlier version of yourself, thus abruptly removing whatever your familiar source of energy is (in my case, oats) from that most important meal at the start of the day, can send the body into catastrophe planning.

A day started with just juices and fruit, entirely raw, and absent of slow-burn carbs such as oats, always seems to lead to a situation where my body gobbles up every least-suitable energy source it can, from my environment, as an energy substitute, leading to worsened symptoms on a grand scale. Thus I can become exaggerated electro-sensitive from working on my computer and develop all kinds of electrical problems in the body such as impaired vision and hearing, balance issues, light-headedness, the return of brain fog, massively increased pain levels and sensitivity, intense pressure and headaches, etc. If these electrical symptoms aren’t relatable to you then you will surely relate to “sugar cravings”, which I also used to get back in the day but now I will find myself craving potatoes or something similar, gently cooked. A good-solid breakfast, usually including oats and some nut butter/milk, can help buffer me from these cascading effects. My intuition tells me this is what my transitioning OS needs right now so I won’t force it to do otherwise. Learning more about how to balance the food transition phase from one OS to the other is an ongoing project and, if I ever get there, I will share in another post.

Meanwhile, of course, there are many sources of energy and as a crystal you will appreciate this like never before. Just as there are negative (low-frequency) sources such as certain people who you may choose to cease contact with and dubious television/information exposures etc that you want to avoid, there are high-frequency ones you can choose to fill your tank up with, from music to mediation, to hanging out in certain places, being in nature, listening to bird song, even sun gazing. Though I won’t risk advocating this last one, I invite you to research it for yourself if you are at all curious (though be very mindful of the risks, heed all the readily available advice and never attempt except at sunrise or sunset). At least one person has claimed to live for many years, without food, by absorbing the energies of the sun and I have no doubt that, one day, it will be possible…we are in its earliest stages. You might notice that on certain “high vibe” days you crave food less than usual or don’t even want to eat for quite a number of hours. When this happens to me, as it does quite often now (assuming I’ve had breakfast), I generally go with it unless I think it will be detrimental to my overall health. Rather than eating to a timetable, I listen to my body for cues as to when and what to eat and often gain as much from being out in nature or meditating as I would from a meal when I’m honestly not hungry; which is all relatively new territory and I feel we should explore it with an open mind plus full access to our intuition. Fixed ideas and meal times, portion sizes, all the old paining over what foods go together and so on are a thing of the past once we work with frequency and we will no doubt smile bemusedly at such ideas in the decades to come.

Footnote on the evolutionary assumptions made in this post

Why do I assume we are in such a particular phase of human evolution, with multiple leaps in human “operating system” occurring during our single lifetimes? Aside from there being many cultural, scientific and biological clues that we are in a time of quite exceptional and super-rapid change, I stand by the work of physicist Dr Carl Johan Calleman (which syncs closely with my own observations) who has closely studied the scientific evidence for evolution having occurred in several grand leaps over the history of this planet. These leaps synchronise with particular timings or “waves” of cosmic influence coming into our planetary environment, affecting all biological life in ways that trigger significant changes in behaviour over some very pointed eras in time. These waves oscillate in patterns that are retrospectively demonstrable using biological, cultural, scientific (and so on) landmarks as clues to their”ups and downs”. They have also become ever-more frequent…at first lasting many thousands, then hundreds, of years each until, over the course of the last few decades, they have become as close together as every two years (the eighth wave) then just 36 days apart (the ninth wave). See Dr Calleman’s book The Nine Waves of Evoltion (found under my resources tab) for a fascinating read on this topic.

As these cosmic frequencies have increased, their availability has necessarily influenced the frequencies at which the human biological system operates, the way we think, the behaviours we adopt. This must have had an impact on the way the human body functions, including how and from where it derives its “fuel” and it is when I look back at the vastly altered patterns of my relationship with food, over the course of several decades, that I receive the affirmative to my theory.

For much more on this evolutionary stance, I refer you to my other blog Spinning the Light where you can find multiple posts under the tag “nine waves”. When I refer to the indigo energies becoming available, I am relating these to the eighth wave (which, in my opinion, began to assert itself from the late 1960s; more concertedly from the mid 1980s) and the crystal energies are those which I relate to the ninth wave (first available from the turn of millennium but, much more concertedly, since 2011).


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