CBD for fibromyalgia?

As expected, some new feedback on the usefulness of CBD for fibromyalgia is starting to appear.

Quoted by this article on ProHealth: ‘a member of Cort Johnson’s HealthRising forum community, sharing her experience after just three weeks of using CBD oil said, “This Oil has changed my life, no exaggeration! My pain has gone from a 8-10 most of the time, to a 2-4. I am sleeping better, mood is greatly improved and my family can’t believe how much better I am. I have had fibro for 25+ years and nothing has come close to helping me like this Oil.”’ For more of that discussion on HeathRising, see here.

In my own case, its been a year since starting CBD and I enjoyed significant benefits immediately….from reduced pain to less body tension, better sleep, reduced subconscious hypervigilance regarding things that typically stress me (such as the arrival of symptoms or triggers…) and far greater resilience around people, in public places, around EMF sources, noises, pollutants and all the typical sensory stimulants that would typically instigate a flare-up of severe pain or fatigue. As anyone who has ever lived with chronic pain tends to know, its not that you are actively thinking about negative things to react to all day long but that the subsconscious layer of the body gets onto this train track, in order to “protect you”, and so it can take something exceptional to get it off that trajectory of over-reaction and I have found that CBD can act as this very thing.

Using it daily, I found I could drive for longer and with a clearer head and less pain so my mobility and independence increased. Whenever one of my biggest bugbears came up, which is the very-severe type of headache that “crash” me since they are like all-over migraines, cascading intense pain into the whole nervous system, I would reach for the CBD and, more often than not,  turn the situation around before it really “happened”. I ceased taking any other pain relief, which in my case was herbal-only (such as boswellia and white willow) since CBD has it all covered. By carrying it with me everywhere, I began to feel more “in control” of the kind of situations that I had come to dread or doubt myself in. I discovered it could even mitigate stomach reactions to food triggers or turn around interstitial cystitis before it became too severe. By taking CBD at the very moment my body transitioned from relaxed sleepiness to feeling contacted in pain, as was typical as my nervous system “woke up” in the morning, I found I could start my day on a better footing, every day which, in itself, began to turn things around for me.

Though I was still using CBD daily, all winter long, at a reasonably high dose (I use a 1400mg product at 2x the typical measure at a time) with great benefit, I now find I need it far less often; sometimes only once or twice a week, usually for an acute symptom. This suggests two possible outcomes: 1) is that I have broken the train of behaviours/reactions that had become so ingrained over many years and 2) that my body has remembered how to manufacture its own CBD, as all mammals are meant to do. I may need to increase my dose in the winter again but that remains to be seen.

I shared more about my use of CBD in the articles CBD for IBS, menopause and pain and The vagus nerve: leading us back to our health, amongst others. My advice is to do your own research, find a reputable source of the product, start with a lower dose and experiment cautiously but with an open mind if this feels like it might be the right thing to do. In my case, I have only good things to share and no negative experiences at all.

The ProHealth article is particularly useful because it contains links to studies relating to this topic, as well as listing the typical symptoms of fibromyalgia that CBD might help to alleviate. It is written by Karen Lee Richards, ProHealth’s Editor-in-Chief, who is a fibromyalgia sufferer herself .

Another useful article is The Science of CBD for Fibromyalgia by Ginevra Liptan, MD


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2 thoughts on “CBD for fibromyalgia?

  1. I’m using it for my autistic brain! It helps my abundantly synaptic brain prioritize the input, so I can focus more easily. A side benefit is that the slight arthritis pain in my hands has gone.


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